Xiaomi Survival Game now available: Download from here

The Battle Royale Games are getting so much popular addictive in terms of the mobile users/gamers. It’s so popular among the PC or Console gamers also. The Fortnite and PUBG games already have crossed 100 million downloads within a few months of launch in 2018. While the Steam also announced the top and best-selling games in 2018 which includes PUBG and Fortnite. Now the Chinese tech-giant Xioami has recently launched its own battle royale mobile game in India, called ‘Survival Game’.

The Xioami has announced that the MI Game team was working on their own online battle game similar to PUBG. And now the Mi developers has introduced the game specially for Xiaomi devices. It’s available on Mi App Store currently and compatible with some of the eligible Xiaomi handsets.

Survival Game: Overview

The new Xiaomi Survival Game is an online battle royale game based on sci-fi large-scale 3D shooting mobile game experience. Just like PUBG/Fortnite, the player needs to survive to the last by killing each other.

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The match will start from the sky fly via a spaceship and the players have to jump and land on a map area. Similarly, the players can decide where and when they need to jump or land on the battlefield. The players can find all the resources like weapons, health, vehicles, and more from the map location. Then the rival players can fight and the last standing player will be the winner.

Xiaomi Survival Game now available: Download from here
Survival Game Preview Images

Xioami Survival Game: Main Features

  • Science Fiction World: The game offers large-scaled unique battlefield gameplay and scenario that includes sci-fi characters, weapons, and vehicles to give you a completely different world of game experience.
  • New Tactic – Flight: The groundbreaking flight function added to each character. The players can also use an aircraft to fly, which provides richer tactical possibilities and enhanced experiences as well.
  • Unique Character Cultivation: Players can create their own characters with in-game chips. Different creation methods lead to completely different game experiences. Try to create a unique and powerful character for yourself.
  • Higher Level of Optimization: The game client and servers has been optimized on multiple levels. It ensures the highest quality of the game without major frame drops and the adaptability to more featured mobile phone models in the future and so on…

Please Note: Only the selected beta testing players will get the notification and Telegram group invitation link via the registered email id or via Mi Community PM (Private Message) feature. The beta testing program is only for the Android (Xioami device) users.

How to Download Survival Game on Xiaomi Phone

The online battle royale game is now only available for Xioami devices on Mi App Store. However, you can download the game APK file from below and manually install it on your device.

How to Apply for Survival Game Beta Testing

If you’re using a Xiaomi device with a quite good specifications which can run high-graphics online battle royale games, it’s for you. The interested participants can join the ‘Survival Game’ with Xiaomi development team via the closed beta testing. You can follow the Mi Forum or Mi Community for further details.

Due to the huge response, the beta test joining enrolment is closed currently.

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