Android vs iOS App Development: Differences You Must Learn About

Deciding what platform (Android or iOS) you should develop your business application on is a significant question. It often depends on what type of application you develop and for whom. Here we’ll discuss Android vs iOS Mobile App Development Differenced that you should know.

If your target audience uses Android or iOS, your priority should be developing the application on a specific platform for sure. Apart from this, it’s also crucial to learn about the difference between both platforms.

So that you choose the ideal platform for your first business application. Having said that, let’s get started!

Programming Language

The most evident difference between the two is the programming languages used to develop the expected or desired end product.

To develop an Android application, you need to ensure that your team of developers knows the languages Java, C++, Kotlin, Python, and more.

On the other hand, for developing iOS applications, one must learn about Objective-C and Swift.

However, if your in-house team does not have adequate knowledge about any language or requires additional help with back-end development or application testing, outsourcing services will come in handy.

An ideal Development Team Extension service can help elevate your team’s capabilities. It further ensures that the project is developed seamlessly.

Development Tools

Another major difference between the two platforms is the tools used. In the beginning, the eclipse was used for Android development.

But now, all the people who want to develop an android app are using Android Studio (created by Google).

As for iOS development, the developers use XCode tools. Once the programming language is decided, the developers need to use the relevant tool.

In simple terms, Java language does not work with Xcode, or Objective -C does not work with Android Studio.

Project Cost

Generally, you don’t need to bear any specific cost for developing an application except for the employee salary or cost of outsourcing.

The coding and tools used for creating a program begin for free. This gives you the advantage of testing both platforms for your program and deciding the best option.

However, costing becomes a difference when businesses make the application available in the market. While iOS applications need to pay $100 every year with higher prices for the enterprises.

On the other hand, Google Play Store only charges a one-time fee of $25. So, you must take into consideration this cost.

Also, know that what monetization strategy you have created will also impact the cost of project development to a severe extent.

App Store Acceptance

Ideally, acceptance at Apple App Store takes quite a long time as compared to acceptance at Google Play Store.

It’s because iOS apps require personal verification from Apple experts, while Android apps depend on automated tests.

You can rectify a few errors on your own and submit more than one version of the application. That’s surely not the case with Apple App Store; thus, the chances of app rejection are high.


These are the prime differences between Android and iOS app development. Whatever platform you may choose, it’s critical that you have got a reliable team of software engineers and developers with the right skills and knowledge.

Otherwise, you can consider extending your team by outsourcing and continuing your project without any trouble.

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