Methods of Recovering Data from a Hard Drive in Bangladesh

Millions of people worldwide encounter data loss, which is a grave issue nowadays. With computer operating systems (Windows, Linux, and Mac), data loss on mobile operating systems such as Android, iOS, etc., is evident and regularly happening. Here we’ll discuss methods of recovering data from a hard drive in Bangladesh.

This can be pretty challenging to deal with lost data, especially when managing an ongoing business with different data. Besides, data loss on a personal level is also very annoying.

In such situations, taking the help of data recovery is the easiest way to regain your lost data. It does not matter if data is on hard disks, memory cards, servers, or other storage.

There are different ways of recovering data from hard drives you can adopt. For example, recover data manually, use a data recovery tool, and take help to data repair centers.

To know in-depth information about these data recovering methods, read continue this context.

What is Actually Data Recovery?

Data involves different threats such as viruses, ransomware, and malware in the digital era. These threats can easily make your data damaged or hidden, which will be inaccessible.

That’s why data recovery comes in to get rid of such situations. Data Recovery is usually the process of restoring missing data or information stored in a drive.

The missing data can be data on the hard disk that is lost, deleted accidentally, damaged, virus affected, or somehow made inaccessible. Remember, data recovery can’t restore the data that could not be saved to the hard drive due to power failure.

However, different approaches can be used to recover the missing data, including recovery software, recovering data manually, and taking the help of data repair centers. In some cases, your data can be restored easily using data recovery software.

But for complex data recovery, you will need to take the help of a data repair center. They will recover your missing data from your drive at a minimal cost.

However, if you are from Bangladesh and want to recover your missing data from your hard drive, take the help of data recovery services. You will find several data recovery services in Dhaka Bangladesh, to regain your lost data.

Most Common Causes Of Data Loss

Data can be lost or damaged in different ways. Here we have discussed some wrong actions that can damage your data.

Delete Files Accidentally

Deleting files is one of the prime reasons for losing data. Updating and deleting files are common activities that we perform every day. It is common to delete wrong files accidentally or replace the parts we did not intend.

So, losing data every day at work is so natural. Some users may lose data while freeing up disk space by deleting unnecessary files on Windows. Some users prefer disk cleanup methods.

Damaging Malware

Nowadays, several new viruses attack computers online. Being online can provide many benefits but also poses many serious risks.

Most viruses damage stored data by misusing internet connections. Sometimes viruses badly damage your stored data that affect your operating system.

Mechanical Damage

A computer’s hard drive is the most delicate component, as it comprises multiple moving elements. Sometimes these moving parts malfunction which leads to damage to the data.

Recovering data from a damaged hard drive requires professional technicians.

Power Failures

Power failures may not seem like a huge risk to your computer. But a sudden loss of power can cause damage to your hard drive’s data.

This especially happens while the drive is writing data and power go out. If the power outages occur regularly, it can shorten the hard drive’s lifespan.

Water Damage

Falling water, coffee, soap, or any other liquid in your computer causes the risk of short-circuiting. Even if you dry off your computer, it may not be enough.

Although hard drives are placed in a protective case, harder soaking makes the drive inaccessible. For that, data stored in the hard drive will be damaged or not accessible.

Methods Of Recovering Data From A Hard Drive

Unable to access stored data on a hard drive is very common nowadays. In such situations, data recovery is the only method to retrieve access to your data.

To restore your data, you can employ different ways. Some common and straightforward data recovery methods are:

Boot In Safe Mode

Booting in the safe mode of your computer is one of the easiest ways to recover your data from the hard drive. It usually depends on the operating system you are using on your computer.

By booting into Safe Mode, you’ll be able to diagnose the software department. Your PC will run without loading third-party or unnecessary apps. Just the required and stock Microsoft or Windows services will run.

When you first boot up Windows 7, you have to press the F8 key on the keyboard and choose the Safe Mode from the options. For Windows 8 or above, press the F8 key or Shift+F8 shortcut keys while in startup and select the Safe Mode from the menu.

When the computer opens in Safe Mode, there is a chance you will get your lost data again.

If in case, the above steps or shortcut keys don’t do anything on your desktop/laptop then make sure to follow the method below to do so:

  • Press the Windows + R shortcut keys to open the Run dialog box.
  • Now, type msconfig then hit Enter to open System Configuration.
  • Go to the Boot tab > Click on the current OS (Default Windows OS) to select it.
  • Then click on the Safe Boot checkbox to enable it.
  • Select Apply then click on OK to save changes.
  • Make sure to Restart your PC immediately to boot into Safe Mode.

Recovering Your Data Manually

It is another simple way to retrieve data from your hard drive. This method requires an additional port and a computer system.

To recover data manually, you have to first extract the hard drive from your old PC or laptop. Then connect the removed hard drive to a new computer using the additional port.

If it doesn’t work, you will have to purchase an enclosure that functions to your hard drive’s specs. Set the hard drive into the enclosure and connect to another computer using a USB cable.

Once the drive connects properly, your drive’s partitions will be accessible through the new computer.

Use Data Recovery Tool

You will find different data recovery software, both free and premium versions. Although the free version of data recovery software has some limitations, premium versions will provide you full potential to recover your lost data.

To recover your data through recovery software, you have to first download and install one on your computer.

After that, follow the instructions of your installed software to recover your lost data. Recovery software usually performs a deep scan over your hard drive and shows data can be restored.

Then, it lets you choose the lost data which you want to recover.

Local Data Recovery Centers

When you cannot recover your lost data following the methods discussed above, you have to take the help of data recovery centers.

Besides, if your hard drive is damaged enough that it is not possible to repair yourself, you can recover the data through a data recovery center.

Data recovery centers mainly have highly professional technicians who will inspect your hard drive properly. If they find any problem with your hard disk, they will fix it and recover your data.

Why Do You Need A Data Recovery Solution?

Accidents do happen, but you have to be prepared to face them. Data recovery is as important as disaster recovery, so try to recover data if the data is lost.

Methods of Recovering Data from a Hard Drive


It is possible to damage your primary storage drive while other equipment doesn’t. This scenario is mainly seen in the computer where hard drive damage and other components work properly.

Along with damaging the hard drive, you will lose your stored data. In such situations, taking the help of recovery solutions will help you get back your data again.

Data Theft

Sadly, data theft is increasing daily, which is a very serious problem now. It usually happens when your damaged storage drive is accessed by anyone else.

This will be very dangerous if your valuable data reaches any miscreants. You can avoid data theft by recovering data from your hard drive.

Operating System Failure

Although most computer users use multiple partitions on your hard disk, there is a chance you may keep data with windows installation files.

If the operating system fails, you can not access your data. It is possible to retrieve your operating system with data through data recovery solutions.


Data recovery is the only solution you can employ to get your lost or damaged data back from your hard drive. You can easily retrieve your data, whether data is deleted, damaged, or lost, through data recovery solutions.

The good thing is that there are various data recovery options available.

For your help, we have already explained a short discussion about four simple data recovery methods. You can restore your damaged data from your hard disk by following any of these steps.

However, if you find recovering damaged data difficult, taking the help of data recovery services will be a wise decision.

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