Android vs iOS – Which is More Secure in 2022

The difference between the different features of Android vs iOS is a hot topic for writing as well as reading articles. Both are leading mobile operating systems, but both naturally have different platforms, features, and functionalities. Here we’ve discussed Android vs iOS – which one is more secure in 2022.

Both have their own user base across the globe apart from advantages and drawbacks. Apple’s closed-source iOS has around 1 billion users worldwide according to some surveys and reports.

While the customizable and open-source Android (backed by Google) has around 2.5 billion of user base in the world which is more than double of iOS. However, there are development differences and key differences preset where each user may have a different opinion. But today, we’re not debating on the user base or features.

We’re only discussing the security features and security updates in both mobile operating systems to get a brief idea of which OS is more secure to use in 2022. So, let us compare significant aspects that affect the security or privacy of an OS and its users.

Google Play Store vs Apple App Store

Let us start with the most popular FAQ – Which app download platform is safer – Google Play Store or Apple App Store?

Android vs iOS - Which is More Secure in 2022

Google Play Store: For Android

Android is open-source, which means there is no strict scrutiny of any apps on the Play Store. One can find most of the apps on Google Play Store.

Google screen apps with Play Protect before users download them. Thus, users often ignore any or every security warning.

Apple App Store: For iOS

It inspects every app using its app review program. This means every app goes through test runs by staff (manually).

Through this, any memory leak, standard adherence, security loopholes, etc., are detected to save users from any malware activity.

In case, if an app does not meet iOS security specifications or guidelines, then the Apple Store will reject the app.

Due to this app testing, the Apple App Store wins here to be more secure than the Google Play Store. 

Network Traffic and Location Tracking

First, let us understand what is Network traffic? Certain apps track network traffic to monitor the apps or site visits. These apps track your likes and preferences to collect some required information like your interests. 

Now, what is location tracking? It is the information used by third-party apps. They use this information to tailor an app or site experience as per your preferences. Mainly, they use it to tailor advertisements for you.

Android vs iOS - Which is More Secure in 2022

All these are done to increase engagement and eventually sales. But, there is a con to using these features as hackers can also use these features to track your location or other details and use it for malicious activities.

So, here we need to see which of the OS prevents their users from hackers?


Since the release of iOS 12, features that protect users’ privacy have been a staple of Apple. There were many improvements made in iOS 14.5 and iOS 15.

These features enable users to control how the downloaded apps access the internet and location data. In iOS 15.2, it gave users the feature to monitor apps’ activities and their permissions.

With such features, apps are not aware of what you are watching on your iPhone and thus cannot track the location or network.


Android was a host to location and network tracking apps in the past, but with time it has been combating this loophole. In many of its versions, like Android 12, users are enabled to customize permissions.

Best examples would be Samsung, Infinix, etc. But, because Android is an open-source platform, there are always chances of hackers having a sneak peek through the apps.

Again we have to give one more point to iOS here.

Frequency of Updates

Updates are extremely important in order to secure the OS for users more strictly.

Android vs iOS - Which is More Secure in 2022


Android currently has a schedule of yearly updates via its version release pattern, Android 12, etc. Every smartphone has its own update settings that come at a certain time interval with new features, themes, security bug fixes, etc.

However, one cannot update their old Android version with the new one on the old device. For this, they must buy a new smartphone supporting the desired version of Android.


Apple usually does a few releases every year which earns them more time to release updates in their current versions than Android. The major benefit with iOS is that one can easily update their old versions to new versions.

For example, even the early iPhones can run on iOS without any hassle with the update. Most iOS updates are about user experience and security.

Well, iOS is a clear winner here.

Advanced Security Features

When we talk about advanced security features, both OSes have been doing great in enhancing security with different apps.


Apps and features like Find My Device, Lock Down mode, Google Play Protect, and the stopping of USB debugging are some of the things users trust on. 


iOS kind of takes pride in it providing a secure medium with which people can save their passwords, card credentials, or other important data on their iPhones without worrying at all.

With iCloud Keychain, users can manage their important credentials within a secured encrypted vault with the help of ‘Hide My Email’.


As you read, in most of the discussions above, iOS is the winner. It is more secure than Android on many grounds. People tend to trust iOS for its security. In fact, its new versions are more focused on privacy-based features.

If you wish to invest in a secure OS, then we would recommend iOS. You can even hire dedicated programmers to help you with the installation of the latest iOS security updates as India is considered a cheaper offshore destination. They will also help you to build an app for iOS following all its guidelines.

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