World’s First 5G Public Trial Initiated in Australia Before 2018 Commonwealth Game

The connection is provided by Telstra's newly set up 5G innovation center which is located in Gold Coast.

The public trial phase of 5G technology and next-generation Wi-Fi Hotspot will be free to use located in Suburb Southport. It features world’s first ever 5G place around the world for the 5G public trial. Telstra is Australia’s largest telecommunication. The company declared recently that Gold Coast place will be the World’s first 5G enabled Wi-Fi place ever. It will be initiated almost before the 2018 Commonwealth games.

The connection is provided by Telstra’s newly set up 5G innovation center which is located in Gold Coast, the house of next-gen wireless network connection. The hotspots are connected to the Telco’s (TATA Engineering and Locomotive Company) cellular network via 5G and it will allow any Wi-Fi enabled devices to access high-speed connectivity.

Mike Wright, Telstra’s Managing Director of Networks, recently said that “Our 5G hierarchical telecommunications network is able of providing download speeds of over 3GB/Sec. This is capable of supporting 1,000 HD movies streaming once at a time. Working with global technology companies like Ericsson and Intel, we have put Australia’s first 5G-enabled cars on the road. The download speed of 1GB/Sec inside the cars and vehicles.”

The visitors and the local public of the 2018 Commonwealth Games on Gold Coast will be able to enjoy this free Wi-Fi hotspot during the event. Telstra will also serve this hotspot feature in 5G-enabled connected cars as well on the streets of the Gold Coast.

Intel uses the 5G Automotive Trial Platform for cars and vehicles. The prototype device is already available to use. There are two other USA companies like AT&T and Verizon working hard on releasing their own 5G networks.

Huawei and Qualcomm also on the list for the 5G technology innovation. Everyone is rushing towards the next-gen 5G service.  AT&T and Verizon both the companies are trying to release portable 5G enabled hotspot before the end of 2018 or early in 2019 year.

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