OSRS Mobile Tips and Tricks for beginners

As many of you probably know by now, OSRS is available on the mobile platform and it offers up a version of the game that you can play on the go. Here we have shared OSRS Mobile Tips and Tricks for beginners. This particular version looks as it did way back in 2007 and is still subjected to regular updates and new content.

Perhaps the most enticing feature of the mobile version is that it is cross-platform, so if you are a seasoned player of the game on PC, you can easily make the transition and start collecting your precious Old School RuneScape Gold (OSRS Gold) on your phone or tablet.

However, whether you are playing the game for the first time or are making the transition from PC to Mobile, then there are a few tips and tricks that you will need to know before you start playing OSRS in the palm of your hand.

Quick Navigation Tip

As you can imagine, there is going to be a bit of a transition in terms of playing the game on a handheld device. One key aspect of playing OSRS is having to navigate your way around the screen, so here is a short tip on what to do when using OSRS Mobile.

If you want to speed things up when finding your way around the menu, then you will notice an icon on the left-side menu at the top, which will allow you to toggle a feature called tap-to-drop.

An important feature of RuneScape is managing your inventory space, so this option comes in particularly handy when you have to sort out items that aren’t of much use.

Onto the Basics – Slayer Training

If you are just starting out in Old School Runescape with the Mobile version, there are a few basic aspects of the game that you will want to know about. One of these traits is known as Slayer Training and is only available to paying members of OSRS.

This will occur for players once they achieve a certain level and allow them to take on new monsters. Among these monsters are Slayer bosses, who will offer you valuable drops and other such rare items. To begin these battles, you will first need to find a Slayer master.

These masters can be found in a variety of locations throughout RuneScape, and you will be assigned a monster once you are an appropriate level to do so. These masters will offer you tips on how to overcome each respective monster, and you will also need to find certain items to help you defeat them.

This is will give you valuable combat experience, so it is a task definitely worth focusing on, even as you start out.


The art of trading is something that you most likely will have heard of if you have done your research OSRS prior to playing. The majority of your buying and selling activity will take place at the Grand Exchange, which you will often see abbreviated as GE.

GE provides a more convenient alternative method of trading, as here you can buy and sell items with relative ease. Here, OSRS Gold and items will appear once the sale completes, unlike items that are not classed as tradable, which are not part of the Grand Exchange.

That isn’t necessarily a negative when it comes to the GE, as pretty much anything else is available for purchase.

Any available listings are showing on the GE, and if you are playing on Mobile, you now have a far more convenient way of checking the latest listings. Simply whip out your phone and away you go!

Crafting on Mobile

Crafting is another popular part of OSRS, and it is somewhat more accessible when playing on mobile. The reason is that you can set a crafting task to help you level and then simply get on with your day.

So if you are at work or have something else to do, then just stick your phone away and come back to it when you are ready. As we mentioned before with the navigation tip, the mobile version does have some features that help you find your way around this version of the game.

Another toggle feature is being able to withdraw all, which means you are essentially just a tap away from sorting out your inventory to cater to the crafting items of your choice. And remember, the game is cross-platform, so this is a great way to stay on top of your crafting while you’re out and about away from your PC.

Ultimately, playing RuneScape on Mobile can be extremely effective. It is not only a great place to start, but if you are a regular player on PC, then cross-playing between the two platforms can be extremely beneficial to you. The advantages of the mobile version being on-the-go will help you make the most of the game while managing your time more efficiently.

So, whether it’s getting your hands on more Old School RuneScape Gold (OSRS Gold) or getting the most out of crafting and trading, then playing RuneScape Mobile is something you should look into.

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