Performance Management System – Your Key Asset to Save Millions!

[su_dropcap style=”flat”]H[/su_dropcap]ere in this article, we will gonna share with you some necessary details on the Performance Management System and its processes. So, both your organization and your employee gets benefited.

What is Performance management?

Managing performance or employee reviewing process is an activity that includes feedbacking an employee based on his/her latest performance at organization and communication between the assigned manager and them.

By measuring the deliverables of an employee based on expectations and assigned tasks, they are provided feedback, which is then used to process appraisal for employees.

What’s Need of Performance appraisal system?

The performance appraisal system (Performance Management System) makes the entire process easier than the manual and old-school one. Manually providing reviews makes it an effort-consuming and lengthier process. Whereas, an automated performance management system lets the manager provide easy feedbacks through the system.

Transparency and fewer manual errors are some popular benefits of adopting one. Implementation of dedicated talent management software i.e. performance appraisal system saves your time and effort.

Also, it eliminates the need for human intervention every time. So, how do we measure the saved costs through automated performance management?

04 Parameters to show clear ROI on the Performance management system

Check out all these four parameters that clearly indicates the better ROI (Return on investment) on Performance management.

1. Employee turnover

One of the biggest concerns of the HR department is Employee turnover! Employee retention and engagement have always worried about the folks. The reason could be anything, unclear objectives, no proper encouragement, transparency at feedbacks, etc.

An automated tech-based performance appraisal system (Performance Management System) can help keep things organized and creates transparency between the manager and the employee.

Clear objectives and regular appraisals can keep an employee engaged and therefore, eliminates the issue of employees leaving. Less employee turnover has a great impact on overall business revenue.

2. Hiring costs

Yes, Hiring costs can also give you a good ROI on the Performance Management System if properly utilized. With decreased employee turnover and increased retention, the need for hiring too goes down. Employees being engaged and rising productivity due to a happy and satisfies workforce eventually create a lower headcount at the office.

Improved productivity and employee staying speak no more need for mass hiring or spending money on onboarding and referrals.

An automated degree feedback system creates a better relationship between manager and employee with transparency at management. So, there remains no doubt about money saved due to the limited workforce requirements.

3. Business productivity

Business productivity is one of the most important factors in the Performance Management System. With people staying for long in the company, the objective and future goals of the company and personal get clear respectively. With proper career development options and engaging activities, the workforce tends to be more productive and hence, delivers more.

Effective and accurate feedbacks received from the selected group of people helps monitor and drive employees in the right way. This helps develop one’s deliverables. Less expense on workforce and improved personal performance help improve outcomes of a business.

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4. Hours saved

Saving the time of your administration with a simple and integrated system with intuitive modules to support most of their tasks can save a lot of their efforts and time at the same instance.

Just imagine if the adopted system can save just 1 hour of the admin/ manager per day, then total saved hours at work could rise to a massive 240 hours per year. And as the saying goes, ‘Time is Money’, 240 hours/year per manager is not less.

Time saved at manual employee reviewing process and hiring new people saves dollars. The automated appraisal system only requires a one-time degree setup and feedback question along with a group of people reviewing them.


Be it any vertical, automated HR solutions like appraisal management, payroll solution or timesheet management brings in a lot of benefits to the HR department, administration, and therefore your business.

With an intuitive performance management solution, benefits like workforce productivity, time saved, better employee engagement, transparency at levels are delivered with clear ROI at revenue.

Thanks for reading this article. We hope now you have made up your decision on the performance management system. Feel free to ask in the comment below if you’ve any queries.

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