Google Removed Cryptocurrency Mining Extensions From Chrome Web Store

This policy helps users to use Chrome and extensions without any issue or privacy risks.

Just like the Facebook and Twitter, Google also removed all cryptocurrency mining extensions from Chrome Web Store as because of illegal and malicious activity. These cryptocurrency mining extensions are used in our system and hardware to solve algorithm and mining process when any user installs these extensions to Google Chrome browser. They silently use the PC or laptop and its programs without any further information to the user.

Google Chrome web policy permitted cryptocurrency mining extension because the user of these types of extension are quite well-known and informed about their behavior and usage. But unfortunately, almost 90% of the cryptocurrency extensions are mining scripts that developer has uploaded to Chrome web store and that fails the policy and terms & conditions. The extension platform product manager of Chrome says that all those extensions are either rejected or removed from the Chrome web store for security and privacy purposes.

Steps Taken

A few cryptocurrency mining extensions are still available in the Chrome web store but those will be delisted from the web store within the month of June.

This policy helps users to use Chrome and extensions without any issue or privacy risks.

The extension manager said that “Blockchain extensions without mining will be permitted to continue in the web store”.

Over the past few months, most of the cryptocurrency extensions were used so many data and details from the system and host file in the name of mining silently in the background. The users thought that they will earn some money or points for this mining but after a long use found nothing.

But in most of the cases, the mining extensions were used too many system resources, power consumption, and performance. That means when you start mining from those extensions you are no longer be able to use your system smoothly.

The extension manager Wagner said, ‘This policy helps users to use Chrome and extensions without any issue or privacy risks.’

Also recently Twitter confirms that they will remove all the cryptocurrency related advertisements on the platform. Facebook has already banned all cryptocurrency related Ad promotions in January including Bitcoin and ICO.

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