How to Get Paid to Play on a Live Streaming Gaming Channel?

By releasing updated game codes for various platforms including the Xbox, PlayStation, and Windows PC, several game creators are emerging in economies aimed at improving the gaming experience. It requires time, effort, and material that draws viewers to live stream for money. Here you can understand how to get paid to play on a live streaming gaming channel by following this article.

A limited proportion of people use streaming to make money. Most of this comprises gamers who stream their gameplay on websites like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. Games like League of Legends, Call of Duty, Black Ops 4, and many others bring in staggering amounts of streamed hours.

From 78 billion in 2017, the gaming business is predicted to reach 90 billion by 2020. The fact that individuals aren’t just playing video games but also watching others play them may be the most startling statistic.

Gamers also watch other people deliver life and recorded comments while playing video games online on average for three hours and twenty-five minutes per week. According to a survey, India’s online gaming market is predicted to reach 2.8 billion dollars by 2022 and is expanding at 40%.

India is one of the top 5 countries in the world for mobile usage growth. People now give and watch games on their handheld devices more than on streaming videos. Streaming is frequently seen as just another means of generating income.

Methods for generating income from live streaming content

There are a couple of methods to making a generous income via the live streaming content or platform that you should check out.

1. Run Commercials while Streaming Live

Video Ads that pre-roll and mid-roll into your live broadcast are the tried-and-true methods. Depending on how many people see your advertisement, you will be paid.

Facebook allowed live broadcasters to take a brief break, during which an advertisement will play, at the end of the previous year. The live broadcast will continue after users have seen a short Facebook video commercial.

However, Facebook has set strict requirements that you must first satisfy to do this. You must have 300 recent views and more than 50,000 followers. You need to have a Facebook profile, ask for a recent live video, and already have 300 hours of content.

YouTube enables streamers to include mid-roll advertisements in their live shows. The creator can click the play add button at any time to pause the live stream for a moment.

2. Contributions or Tips from Fans

According to recent market analysis, viewers’ donations will soon become gamers’ primary income source. Indeed, a game-changer is the simplicity with which fans may give money to and support their favorite creators.

This income model enables all creators to concentrate solely on producing material while still being compensated for it, allowing them to turn their hobby into a career. Wait until you get your first donation or tip to know that your live streaming pastime, side gig, or career is on the right track.

Most live streaming services and websites enable you to monetize by accepting payments or tips from viewers. Usually, viewers can transact using integrated services or even their own virtual ‘goods’ or ‘currency’.

3. Affiliate Promotion

This can be viewed as a tremendous revenue-generating tool for live content producers. You can show off the gaming keyboard and mouse you’re using in the video if you’re streaming live gameplay.

By demonstrating how you manage your live stream videos, you may increase the trust of your viewers by allowing them to see exactly how you utilize products in use. It might help you to Get Paid to Play on a Live Streaming Gaming Channel.

You might even receive the accessories for free from affiliate brands if you have a sizable subscriber base, and you can earn commissions when some of your subscribers purchase after clicking the link.

4. Funding

Brand partnerships and sponsorships with companies that can profit from your channel are even less contentious. Brands will approach you with offers if you have a sizable following on popular streaming platforms and a reputation for excellence.

Even if you don’t have a lot of fame, you can still approach the businesses and request sponsorship. It is crucial to be professional and meticulous while working with businesses. Make sure you agree with the commitment and negotiate every last element of the agreement.

5. Promote your Commodities

A key source of income for content producers is merchandise. Many gamers have noticed this and now provide plenty of suggestions and instructions on how producers may increase the sales of their goods.

There are still many things you need to work out on your own if you decide to pursue this line of work as a source of income. You must determine what products you will sell, including mugs, t-shirts, tech accessories, high-end toys, and digital products like music and ebooks.

6. Pay-per-view Membership

With the pay-per-view business model, fans can purchase a certain amount of access to a creator-only good or service. This content is typically more exclusive and unique than the free material to which every subscription has access.

These subscriptions provide you with a set amount of time to view the creator’s only stuff. In essence, subscriptions function like regular donations.

You can access parks through a monthly subscription, including special badges, the opportunity to communicate while watching subscriber-only mode behind-the-scenes footage, and ad-free live streaming.


Since its creation, the Internet has offered many options for people to make money. Like blogging was a well-liked option back then, live streaming is a fantastic option you may attempt now.

Given the number of channels on YouTube, it might be challenging to stand out, but if you can create original content and cultivate a following, you can succeed.

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