Twitch Thumbnails Not Loading Error – Fix

Twitch is one of the best live-streaming platforms for gamers and video streaming platforms. It also supports to build communities, broadcast their gameplay by streaming their screen with users. You can create videos on twitch by adding some attractive thumbnails so that you earn more subscribers. Recently, some of the users have reported that Twitch Thumbnails Not Loading error appears.

There are might be more than one reason like incorrect dimensions of the image, issues with the browser cache, etc. Knowingly or unknowingly, it will affect your stream popularity and trade-off revenue, that sounds absurd, isn’t it?

If this issue is bothering you a lot and you can’t understand how to fix it then you are in the right post. Here we’ve shared a couple of possible fixes below that should work for you with ease. Well, let’s take a quick look at the error first.

Twitch Thumbnails Not Loading Error - Fix

Why Twitch Thumbnails Not Loading?

Before moving to our main topic, you must know the exact reason behind the cause, so you won’t be victimized again. As mentioned above, there must be more than one reason. It could possible that the thumbnail has a wide dimension or maybe using an incorrect resolution which isn’t supported by Twitch yet.

Another reason may be present that while uploading the thumbnail, the browser cache is causing the issue.

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However, you might not only one who is facing the same issue as the official Twitch Support handle has tweeted that they’re too figuring out the issue around a year ago. Still, some of the unfortunate Twitch streamers are facing this issue.

But don’t worry now, just follow the guide below and the issue will be resolved.

Twitch Thumbnails Not Loading Error – How to Fix?

While streaming on Twitch the thumbnail does not load at all, it shows a blank image. As a result, it might irritate you especially when you don’t find any solutions. Just follow the easy workaround provided below:

  1. The major problem lies within the maximum image resolution or dimension limitation that needs to be uploaded. Some Twitch users don’t know that the uploaded image should be 1280 x 720 pixels resolution. That’s the correct dimension of the thumbnail. Wider than that resolution may cause the same problem.
  2. The uploaded image file size can be another problem. Make sure it should be less than 10 MB of size. Additionally, you can take the help of Photoshop or any image optimization tools or services to resize and optimize the image with ease.
  3. While the web browser cache or cookies can also create problems. So, just wipe out the browser cache from the settings menu and it’ll be fixed.
  4. Alternatively, you can also use another web browser to upload thumbnails on Twitch and the issue may not appear again.

That’s it for now. You can comment below for your further queries or your experiences. Till then stay tuned for more info. You can also follow us on Google News or Telegram group for real-time notifications whenever Gadget Headline publishes any post.

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