You Can Play Fortnite on Mobile with a Controller

If you play Fortnite on your mobile, here is good news for you. Now you can easily use Bluetooth Controller to play Fortnite on mobile. This would help the players on a hard level to survive while playing against Fortnite PC or Console players. Because the touchscreen games could be good for handling, but there is no match with a controller for sure. Here a brief details – You Can Play Fortnite on Mobile with a Controller.

Play Fortnite on Mobile with a Controller, Chiller Grenade, Weapons

Recently, Epic Games has promised that the controller support on its way and the upcoming update of Fortnite v7.30 patch will bring the controller support for mobiles. There are few new features will also be included with this update, which is mentioned below.

BATTLE ROYALE – v7.30 Patch Changelog

You Can Play Fortnite on Mobile with a Controller

1. Fortnite Mobile Controller Support for Mobile Gamers

The Bluetooth controller support has arrived on supported smartphones. The new feature will be included in upcoming v7.30 patch update and the update will arrive in this week. Epic Games has tweeted officially about the Fortnite v7.30 patch notes on Jan 29, 2019. Epic Games also fixes some bugs and other technical issues as well. The mobile controller support should be featured on both Android and iOS platform.

For Android devices, Fortnite supports most of the Bluetooth Controller Adapters. Such as SteelSeries Stratus XL, Gamevice, XBox1, Razer Raiju, and Moto Gamepad. While for the iOS devices, Fortnite supports ‘MFi Controllers’, like SteelSeries Nimbus and Gamevice.

Fortnite is one the online battle royale games where players can get crossplay option over multiple platforms. So, in order to survive and play like a pro, you need a controller device against a PC, Mac, PS4, or Xbox One gamers.

The new v7.30 patch will also add 60Hz refresh rate on selected devices like Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (USA variant), Honor View 20, Huawei Mate 20 X etc. Now the rest of the features and improvements are mentioned below briefly.

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2. Chiller Grenade

The new update will also add a weapon called ‘Chiller Grenade’ to chill your enemies to the core. By freezing and knocking your opponents back, you can simply grab any important weapon or kill them.

3. Limited Time Mode: Solid Gold

This is a new addition as well. In a limited time frame, all the gold items will glitter and all the spawns weapons will be legendary with increased material.

4. Weapons and Items

  • Chiller Grenade – Allies, enemies, and vehicles will slip with ice for 7 seconds.
  • Cozy Campfire – Updated Visuals
  • Vaulted – Bolt-action Sniper Rifle, Burst Rifle, Heavy Shotgun, SMG
  • Unvaulted – Suppressed SMG
  • Reduced the drop chance of Dual Pistol from floor loot (2.24% to 1.38%).

5. Bug Fixes

  • Balloons will no longer collide with vehicles where vehicles could be damaged.
  • So many…

6. Playground

  • The Guided Missile has been removed now.
  • Spiky Stadium Supply Drop removed.

7. Audio

  • A fuse sound to the Grenade has been added.
  • Emote music overlapping with lobby music fixed.

8. Animation and UI

  • Show the total party elimination if your team wins on HUD.
  • ‘Cycle Models’ added in the Battle Pass or Item Shop.
  • Party colors have been restored to Blue, Red, Purple, and Yellow.
  • Added Super Bowl LIII with new Los Angeles Rams.
  • New England Patriots uniforms added.
  • And more…

9. Replay

  • Fixed weapon animations for shot fired twice in replays.
  • Fixed an issue where camera/lens settings could display incorrect initial values.
  • Players appearing jittery using Ziplines in replays fixed.
  • Fixed Boombox music not playing when watching replays.

10. Social

  • Anonymous Mode
  • Hide Other Player Names

CREATIVE – v7.30 Patch Changelog

1. Piano Keys + Music Blocks

Become a musician in the game and with these two instruments play your own original tracks.

2. Arctic Base Prefabs

Just imagine and create your own frozen wonderland with Arctic Base Prefabs in Creative mode.

You Can Play Fortnite on Mobile with a Controller

3. Islands

An option to set edit permission per player on your Islands added.

4. Gameplay

  • Added a new option to control respawn times.
  • New option added to end games.
  • New option added: “After Last Spawn Go To Team”.
  • Speed increased that Islands load after a game.
  • Renamed “Game Modes” to “Score Preset” for better clarification.
  • Game join in progress, players will be spectators mode until the game ends.

5. Weapons and Items

  • Chiller Grenade added to Creative mode as well.
  • Removed Guided Missile.
  • The Wood Resource quantity to be consistent with the other material resources in the Creative Consumables screen fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where the Six Shooter displayed incorrect rarity color in the Creative Weapons menu and game.
  • Fixed an issue where some Balloons would remain stuck in the air after being equipped.

6. Creative Tools and Phone

  • Added a drop indicator to get a better prediction of drop placement when holding copied prefab assets or props in the sky.
  • And more…

7. Prefabs

  • Added 6 Arctic Base Prefabs.
  • Added Arctic Base Galleries
  • A new Piano Key Gallery.
  • Added a Music Blocks Gallery.
  • Added an Ambient Gallery
  • Challenge Gallery.
  • Random Chest and Ammo Box Gallery.
  • And so on…

8. Devices

  • New Starting Inventory Device added.
  • New Barrier Zone added.
  • Added Movement Modulator newly.
  • More…

9. UI

  • Fixed a crash related to Player Suggestions.
  • Fixed an issue with a settings tooltip getting cut off screen.
  • An issue where vehicles were displaying the damage stats of traps in the UI fixed.
  • Fixed overlapping Seat Switch and Rotate buttons on the mobile platform.
  • So many…

10. Performance

  • Optimized performance when playing on the Phone.
  • Fixed an issue where players would run into low frame rate and stability issues.

SAVE THE WORLD – v7.30 Patch Changelog

1. X-Ray Llamas

You can now buy or upgrade new X-Ray Llamas.

2. Spectral Blade

Earn the Spectral Blade by completing Frostnite Challenge and slice your enemies into pieces.

You Can Play Fortnite on Mobile with a Controller

3. Missions and Systems

  • Weekly Frostnite Challenge 5: Uncharted Territory.
  • No maps or mini-maps provided.
  • Survive for 30 minutes 3 times to collect the Week 5 Challenge Banner.
  • Survive for 30 minutes to earn the Spectral Blade.
  • More…

4. UI

  • X-Ray Llamas have arrived and must be purchased one at a time.
  • X-Ray Llama contents will reset when the daily store refreshes.
  • New ammo icons in the inventory screen.
  • Players can now craft certain items in bulk.
  • More…

5. Performance

  • Fixed a hitch when navigating between Mission Map nodes on the Mission Select option.

6. Heroes

  • Several Heroes from past events have been added to the Collection Book.
  • And so on…

7. Weapons and Items

  • Added Bulk Crafting.
  • Added Grenade and Rocket launchers to the list.
  • The Jabberwocky Launcher has been added to the Weekly Store.
  • The Spectral Blade Sword will be available as a Frostnite Weekly Challenge reward.
  • Leap Attack can now be used in the air and correctly interrupts basic attacks when used.
  • And more…

8. Gameplay

  • All Players now receive a message when a Storm Chest has been discovered.
  • Storm lightning strikes will now damage objects they hit, instead of destroying them.
  • Patrol Wards now protect against Storm lightning strikes.

9. Art and Animation

  • The Tail of the Dragon Perk visuals has been updated.

10. Social

  • Fixed an issue that caused players in other game modes unable to properly join a party through an invitation.

11. Audio

  • Updated the Frontend Map sound.
  • Music no longer restarts when switching tabs in the Item Shop.

    For more detailed changelog information, check the Fortnite v7.30 patch notes

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