Will Xbox One Controller supports Xbox Series X?

We are moving ahead to the next-gen gaming console such as Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Both of these consoles are about to release very soon. November 10, 2020, is the lucky day on which Microsoft Xbox will drop its latest next-gen consoles whether you want 2K resolution or 4K resolution gaming. Talking about the pricing Xbox Series X will cost up to $500 whereas, Xbox Series S will cost up to $300 respectively. Now, plenty of Xbox users or interested people are asking Will Xbox One Controller supports Xbox Series X?

Well, Xbox will start its next-gen consoles’ pre-orders from next week. While on the other side, Sony’s PlayStation 5 already nearly sold out its pre-order very quickly. Players are very excited to enter in new gaming era of consoles.

Microsoft announced staggering news about the console controllers. Now, all the existing Xbox One users can use their controller to the Xbox Series X which is a good move. It will be good for console users’ pockets so that they don’t need to buy a new controller over & over again.

Will Xbox One Controller supports Xbox Series X?

However, the Xbox Series X controller will also work on Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs. This sounds like a relief, isn’t it? Before Microsoft announced the news, all thought that it was just rumor.

But the recent official tweet of the Xbox UK Twitter handle confirmed that other popular Xbox controllers will seamlessly work with the new Xbox Series X as well as Xbox Series S consoles.

Check the list of compatibility for Xbox One and Xbox Series X controller below:

  • Xbox Series X Controller can be accessed on Xbox One, Windows 10 PCs
  • Xbox Elite Controller can be accessed on Xbox Series X and Series S
  • Xbox Adaptive Controller can be accessed on Xbox Series X and Series S
  • Xbox One Controller can be accessed on Xbox Series X and Series 

Players who’ve already invested in Xbox One controller were really worth this compatibility. That means those who were very used to or loved their Xbox One controller, can keep hands on the same.

However, if you’re unfamiliar with the new Xbox Series X or Series S controller or maybe this is your first time in the Xbox family, then you may have to wait until the new controllers’ releases. However, there are no details arrived yet about the next-gen console controller pricing.

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