Steps to Use Scribble on iPad (iPadOS 14)

Apple iPad users now don’t have to carry pen and paper to note down useful info anymore. Because iPadOS users got an amazing feature called ‘Scribble’ that works using the Apple pencil by simply writing on the screen on an iPad. Instead of needing to type out text, you can just write whatever you want on it and it’ll automatically be converted into the typed text format through Apple’s machine learning technology.

Scribble was introduced at WWDC 2020 with iPadOS 14. Apple points out that handwriting and conversion to text happen on your device, keeping it private and secure. Isn’t it amazing? you can keep these notes handy wherever you go. If you are looking for how to use Scribble, you’re on the right post.

How to Turn on/off Scribble on iPadOS

Some Apple users still don’t know yet where is the option to enable Scribble. Here’s how you do that:

  • Visit Settings app
  • Scroll down and Select Apple pencil
  • Select the toggle next to Scribble

Turn the toggle green, it will indicate that scribble is enabled. Now, you’re all set to use the Scribble. Check it by tapping on “Try Scribble”.

Steps to use Scribble on iPad (iPadOS 14)

If you’re using Scribble, it will also enable the Scribble Toolbar. It will allow you to undo-redo the text. Additionally, you can minimize the toolbar and open Pencil Settings within the Settings app by tapping on a three-button. Follow the steps to use Scribble:

  • Use an Apple pencil to touch on the area where you type normal text usually.
  • Just start writing with a pencil, remember you’re not typing here you’re writing by pencil.
  • It will take a jiffy to analyze your writing and convert it to text in the field.

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Steps to use Scribble in Apple Notes

  • Open the Notes app and create a new note.
  • Just have a Markup toolbar by tapping on the Markup icon.
  • Now, select the Handwriting tool mentioned in the letter “A” on the pencil.
  • You can start writing now.

As mentioned above, it will take short time to analyze, and then converted into text.

Do simple editing work on iPadOS using Scribble

  • Input text: Just hold the Apple pencil in the area you want to enter the text in a sentence. Space will be made, you can start writing.
  • Deleting words: Just scratch over the word, it will be removed automatically.
  • Select word or words: Just draw a continuous line, circle, or tap twice on the sentence.
  • Select a paragraph: Just draw a line through the entire paragraph, or triple tap the paragraph.
  • Add or remove Spaces: Just draw a vertical line to add space between words. If there’re any multiple spaces added, just continue writing it will be removed automatically.

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