Which Wireless Headphones Should I Buy Under $200? Budget Option

Headphones have quickly emerged as one of the most effective approaches to playing music, watching movies and TV, and doing business. As you start searching, which wireless headphones should I buy for under $200? The most acceptable over-ear headsets are more than anything to listen to music, as they provide excellent sound and noise isolation.

If you are worried about how much a pair of earphones? Then a $200 budget allows you the tremendous financial freedom to buy a specialist headset or emphasize sound quality in the commercial audio market, giving you a lot of economic output.

It’s crucial to remember that a balanced frequency response will provide the most adaptable sound quality across several musical genres for people who value sound quality.

Although wired over-ear headphones still provide the highest sound quality, all understand that wireless Bluetooth headphones have become quite popular due to their ease.

If you’re still not sure which route to pursue, check out our advice on how to select the best over-ear headphones under 200 US Dollars. All of the headphones below, our selection for the best over-ear headset under $200, integrate performance, sound quality, and outstanding value.

Sennheiser HD 250BT

Sennheiser doesn’t usually produce many sets of Bluetooth headphones at this low price, so we’re glad to note that all these Wireless headphones are worth the money.

These are beyond simple, despite their realistic look. There’s a Smartplay Infotainment app that includes an equalizer and EQ settings and remaining battery notifications and software updates.

Sennheiser’s amazingly affordable and sturdy headsets do not disappoint in terms of sound quality for the price. Well, the Sennheiser HD 250BT is one of the popular models for the best wireless headphones under $200 budget.

It offers a far more musically detailed, elegant, and rhythmically endowed sound than you may expect across the frequencies. Though the thumping bass isn’t at the peak like Sony, the balanced bass and treble deliver a great music listening experience.

So, at under $200, it is indeed a value-for-money product with a reputed brand.

AKG Pro Audio K72

Do you think which budget headphone is best? These high-quality, tightly wired headsets are among the best available for the money. The sturdy construction ensures that they will survive — AKG tests the cable’s durability by bending it 80,000 times.

The cushioning is soft, and the three-meter cord is long enough to allow for comfortable listening at home. If you are a rider and want to utilize these headsets, we do not recommend them. The lengthy wire proves that the cord will disturb you while traveling.

GRADO SR80x Prestige Series

The spherical foam earpads will cover both ears and sit securely but gently against them. We can attest to their durability because the identical ear cushions upon this SR80e, which we’ve used regularly for several years, have mostly retained their form and cushioning.

These headphones come with a long-lasting battery and developed audio quality. You can have extended sessions with these GRADO series to communicate better without any disturbance in your surroundings.


Sony has a long history of Bluetooth headphones, and this set fits right in. These pairs are great, combining Bluetooth and active noise-canceling innovation in a fashionable design for a low price. The bass is tight but powerful, and the time isn’t awful for a set of wireless headphones.

The WH-CH700N has Bluetooth playback with an NFC connection, a designed microphone for hands-free calling, and Google Assistant voice commands. The battery capacity is a whopping 35 hours. Are you in a hurry? A 10-minute rapid charge will provide an hour of battery juice.


Sennheiser headphones don’t need to draw attention to flashy designs or unusual features because their positive reputation and quality of sound speak for themselves.

Since the invention of Bluetooth and acoustic headphones, the German firm has created the best cheap and noise-canceling headsets, particularly the models in its legendary Momentum collection.

So, when the Sennheiser HD 450BT cordless noise-cancellers arrive in our laps, we know better than to evaluate them by their cover.

Do Wireless Headphones Have A Mic?

Most current wireless earbuds (TWS) or wireless headphone models do have a microphone. While some costly headphones or earbuds include multiple microphones to improve sound quality apart from ANC (Active Noice Canceling).

You can check the microphone in the right earpiece or a casing near the cable connecting the pair of earbuds. You can use the developed and modern features of this affordable wireless model.

I know how inconvenient it is to use standard wired earphones; the cord tangles and breaks quickly, and the earbuds may even split free from the wire! Wireless earphones are convenient and comfy.

Additionally, they don’t tangle with each other or doesn’t create any mess to keep in your pocket or bag. For such a reason, it’s expected that they can operate well over a longer distance and the lifespan becomes quite long in terms of daily use.

The best part is that you may find a better microphone on budget Wireless Headphones under $200 price tag.


There are plenty of budget category wireless headphones or earbuds items available in the market that we can get but neither they do have better sound quality nor brand support. It’s always better to choose a reliable brand alongside a better product to get a satisfactory experience most of the time. All of the mentioned headphones are competing with each other head-to-head in terms of sound signature, build, and brand value.

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