What Communication Gadgets Do US Police Officers Use?

Carrying the proper equipment is a daily requirement for individuals dedicated to defending and serving the people. When it comes to police communications technologies specifically, there are a number of essentials that can provide officers with trustworthy, real-time information to keep them informed and safe and to respond to any situation promptly. So, what communication gadgets do US police officers use daily?

Accessing these communication tools is necessary whether you are working as a uniformed officer or starting your own police agency. It might include paging devices, suspect trackers, vehicle speed trackers, digital vehicular repeater systems, body cams, two-way radios, emergency services, etc. Having stated that, let’s find out the required devices in brief.

Paging Devices

A paging system is a critical piece of equipment for police officers. Even though SMS texting has mostly overtaken pagers, modern paging technologies still have advantages over cell phones.

They primarily use high-frequency radio transmissions to convey communications, allowing them to reach farther, with fewer transmitters and less interruption than cell phones.

According to reports, pager communications frequently pass through remote locations where mobile phone calls and SMS text messages fail.

Additionally, pager messages can be transmitted more quickly—in a matter of seconds as opposed to the minutes, hours, or even longer text messages that may be required on busy networks.

Digital Vehicular Repeater System

The Digital Vehicular Repeater System (DVRS) is a radio system component that extends the radio coverage of your network by acting as a repeater between mobile subscribers and RF ground station infrastructure.

Even though there are numerous repeater solutions, professionals suggest Motorola DVRS P25 above others. The Motorola remote mount APXTM or XTLTM series mobile radios are merged with a tiny, rugged, self-contained 10W radio base station.

The vehicle’s mobile radio’s enhanced power to boost the portable’s back-to-radio system range extends portable radio coverage for police, fire, and other emergency crews.

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Police Body Cams

Another communication gadgets that US Police Officers mostly use which can easily enhance operations is the use of wearable body cameras, which are reportedly becoming commonplace in police agencies all over the nation.

Given certain privacy concerns and potential technological challenges, these cameras provide various benefits to law enforcement officers, including reducing concerns about officer behavior, collecting evidence, eliminating false allegations, and enhancing accountability.

Additionally, they can de-escalate conflicts between police and people.

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911 Emergency Communications

A scalable 911 solution that links the public with emergency assistance is the last tool that cops find essential in their work.

As per Federal Communications Commission, a sound 911 system makes it possible to centralize and simplify emergency response communications so that dispatchers can manage and allocate resources as needed.

The system can contain speech, video, and information, including geolocation and GPS, and it can be integrated with various public safety organizations.

As a result, when responding to calls, police officers can obtain and send real-time information from the site and acquire critical information.

Many public safety organizations are also using innovative systems that improve 911 communications. This system employs a single application to deploy field resources, track call locations on a map, and take 911 calls.


The key component in assisting law enforcement personnel in community safety and protection is police communication technology. Investment in gadgets discussed above can also maintain the strength of your police force.

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