OSRS: Recipe for Disaster Quest

After 99 quests launched in OSRS, the 100th addition to the RuneScape narrative was the Recipe for Disaster Quest. The quest is divided into ten sections: an introduction, eight side jobs, and a final boss battle against the Culinaromancer.

As the players progress through the story, they will be required to perform increasingly challenging tasks to accomplish the Recipe for Disaster.

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Recipe for Disaster

One hundred years ago, Lumbridge was chosen to host a high-priority meeting, with Franizzard Van Lumbcook tasked with preparing a grand feast for the occasion.

Lumbridge is due for another such meeting, but this time the chef, who inherited this role from his ancestor Franizzard, has asked the player for assistance.

Players who complete all subquests will be invited to The Feast (boss fight). This event would mark the tenth Lumbridge meeting in the last hundred years, and the chef plans to recreate a dish made by one of his ancestors.

The player must gather the necessary ingredients to prepare this dish. The chef requires Rotten tomato, Eye of Newt, Dirty Blast, a glass of Greenman’s Ale, and Eye of Newt.

Except for the Rotten tomato, obtained only from Pelters’ Veg Stall behind the General Store in Varrock and Emir’s Arena bank chest in Al Kharid, all ingredients can be acquired through the Grand Exchange.

Recipe for Disaster: The Feast

The feast will begin in the dining room once all ingredients have been delivered to the chef. To begin the story’s next chapter, the player must enter the dining room.

Upon entering the said room, players will find themselves in the presence of the Lumbridge council, made up of the Lumbridge Guide, Evil Dave, Pirate Pete, Osman, Awowogei, the goblin generals, Duke Horacio, Sir Amik Varze, Mountain, Skrach Uglogwee, and late arrival, Gypsy Aris.

Moments before the player’s arrival, Evil Bob will escort Osman out of the dining room, and the Duke will follow, carrying a strange box. The Culinaromancer will spawn due to the abundance of food present at the feast.

He is said to draw power from food and is planning to eliminate the Lumbridge council as the first step on his journey to world dominance.

To everyone’s fortune, Gypsy Aris, who was late to the event, showed up and froze everyone in place except for the player.

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Recipe for Disaster: Isolating the Culinaromancer

According to Gypsy Aris, after threatening the secret council with death a century ago, the Culinaromancer was trapped in another reality by Duke Horacio’s servant.

The servant in question was the grandfather of the current cook, who had been given the permanent job of cooking meals for the event.

The cook managed to summon the Culinaromancer with the ancient recipe used for this year’s feast.

The player is tasked to quickly deal with the Culinaromancer as the Gypsy Aris’ time-bending magic could harm the known reality.

To free the council members from the Culinaromancer’s enchantment, the player must feed them their preferred dish.

Afterward, the members are teleported to safety by Gypsy Aris. These subquests can be completed in any order and each subquest gives one quest point used to open the Culinomancer’s Chest or get different rewards.

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Recipe for Disaster: Culinaromancer Boss Fight

The Culinaromancer will escape to his dimension, leaving a portal behind. The boss uses Magic and Melee with a 75 Combat level and no Defence.

However, his Magic attack has a 33% chance of hitting a player with a 25-point max hit. Therefore, low levels should run from the boss’ attack range and deal damage from afar or use freeze and stun spells.

Ultimate Ironmen should first commit suicide at the nettles in Edgeville and then take only the food and weapons necessary for defeating the Culinaromancer.

Once beating the Culinaromancer, players can freely exit the boss area and return without losing progress. Also, the Prayer spell is restricted for the Culinaromancer boss fight.

Recipe for Disaster: Rewards

Once all tasks during the Recipe for Disaster are completed, players will be awarded the following:

  1. 10 Quest points
  2. Access to Mogre Camp and Evil Chicken’s Lair
  3. Full access to Culinaromancer’s Chest
  4. Ape Atoll Teleport spell
  5. An experience lamp
  6. Ability to obtain crabs and cook their meat, catch Hell-Rats, pet a hellcat, add colored spices to any stew type, and travel between Karamja and Feldip Hills with a boat.

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