EXP Explosion: OSRS Blast Mining Guide [Old School RuneScape]

In the real world, blast mining sounds like a dangerously exciting, but environmentally unfriendly, prospect. In OSRS (Old School RuneScape), however, it’s a great way to earn mining EXP much faster, so it’s no surprise why lots of players regularly perform this practice. If you plan on getting into the habit of doing so, here’s how.

Making Things That Go Boom

To make money, you need to make things go BOOM. To gain mining EXP from blast mining, you need to first have level 75 mining. You also need dynamites. And we mean lots and lots of stuff.

1000 should be enough. You can either buy them for 1177 OSRS gold each or simply craft them.

For the latter, you’ll need volcanic sulfur, juniper charcoal, and saltpeter to make a dynamite pot, and then add the ball of wool for the finished product. You can also get dynamites as a reward for subduing the Winterton and completing the Chambers of Xeric.

Out of the ways you can obtain dynamite, the first two would be the most recommended. While it may be costly, buying dynamites would save you from having to spend inordinate amounts of time just to craft it. On the other hand, if you’re on a budget, you’d be better off grinding it out and crafting them.

You also need to have 100% Favor with Lovakengj House in Great Kourend. For that, you’ll be doing all sorts of activities. One of those would be crafting dynamites, so if you haven’t got your favor at 100% yet, you might as well make some so you can kill two birds with one stone.

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Kind of Like Bomber Man

Once you’ve got everything you need, it’s time to have a blast — both in the literal and figurative sense — as this is actually a mini-game. For this one, there is a shelf of hard rock on one side of the map.

On it, players must use a chisel to excavate the hard rock, then light up the dynamite using a tinderbox. After doing so, make sure you run at least three squares away from it or else you’ll receive considerable damage.

There should be a blasted ore on the ground that you used the dynamite on. Collect it and put it in the ore sack beside the blonde-haired operator. The blasted ore disintegrates after one minute, so you should be quick to get it.

Rinse and repeat this process until you get 450 blasted ores onto the sack. After filling the sack, talk to the blonde-haired operator, who will then get the sack.

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Keeping Out of the Blast Radius

To make the most out of blast mining, you need to collect the most number of ores in the shortest amount of time. And you must do this without dying. Yes, dying is a legitimate concern as the blast deals damage if you’re not careful.

While a single blast won’t necessarily kill you, not keeping track of them will. You’ll have to plant more than single dynamite at any instance to save time, so moving without paying attention to where you previously planted your dynamites could land you in big trouble.

To make sure you don’t receive damage, make sure you either place the dynamites at a certain time interval or strategically place them apart from one another. This way, you won’t make the mistake of walking close to dynamite and inadvertently getting caught in the resultant blast.

Done quickly and safely, this particular method can earn players 69800 EXP per hour, not to mention a handful of gold. Safe to say that’s a lot! Plus, since it’s a mini-game, you probably won’t feel like skilling when you try this one out. So if you got some mining skills to improve, what are you waiting for… Go ahead and start blasting your way to mining proficiency.

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