How to Surrender in Valorant when there is no way to win

Valorant is adding competitive modes to the game that are making matched tougher and tougher. However, it is promoting strategic and legal play to win matches, but in some cases, these are not enough. Sometimes you get a better opponent team than yours and you suffer in whole gameplay until the game is finally over. Also, Valorant charges penalties if you left the game in middle.

Thankfully, Riot Games have added surrender features to Valorant to quit match without any conditions. And the latest patch updates of 1.02 pushes this early surrender feature in Valorant. Since the launch of the game, players are asking for this feature, And it is out now!

Before, this patch update players had to play all rounds until one team reach a 13 round win. With the latest updates, players can opt for Early surrender features and the rest of the rounds.

How to Surrender in Valorant when there is no way to win

To over the game, a surrender vote will be taken, and when all of the players vote “yes” can over the game. The surrender remaining rounds will be awarded as victory to the winning team. But the sad part is before 8 rounds no surrender elapses the game. Therefore, you have to play 8 rounds at least before quitting the game. Only after 8 rounds surrender is eligible to vote.

1. Open the chatbox: Press enter to bring up the chatbox, where you can start the voting process.

2. Typing ‘/ff’: To continue voting you need to enter “/ff”, “/forfeit”, “concede”, or “surrender” in the chatbox. Note: Don’t use quotation marks.

3. Ask your team to reply with yes: During the voting process, you will see a box on the left-hand side of the hud. In this box, your teammates can vote by pressing F5 for yes and F6 for No.

For every team member, it’s necessary to reply with Yes in order to end the game. If anyone votes with No then you have to wait for 13 rounds. Remember- Volaroant allow only one surrender vote per half.

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