Android 12 will feature Restricted Networking Mode

Android 12 will feature Restricted Networking Mode

The news is circulating of Android 12, that its first developer preview is expected to be arrived by the month of Q1 2021. It’s strange that some devices still not received the update of Android 11, and the developers have started showing the signs of stepping forward in terms of the firmware. But again, there’s no concrete idea of Google’s next OS update. It seems that Android 12 will feature Restricted Networking Mode with the firewall system.

Nevertheless, the mobile developer community XDA Developers have discovered future updates by exploring AOSP (Android Open Source Project) code. The new feature mentioned by XDA developers called restricted networking mode might disappoint many enthusiasts due to the firewall system because it’s not exactly what it should be. It is noticed that the system firewall does not add the host anticipated customization. Also, this firewall chain created by Google confirms to block network traffic in order to push restricted networking mode.

Android 12 will feature Restricted Networking Mode

When the restricted network mode is enabled by visiting settings, the applications that supported CONNECTIVITY_USE_RESTRICTERD_NETWORK will able to connect the network. This particular person will only be distributed to the specific system applications and/or installed by manufacturers. Therefore, for those who’re in restricted network mode, the applications installed by anyone expect developers cannot access the Internet.

Moreover further, everything is unpredictable about the restricted mode in Android 12, as there’s no intellect available right now. So it can be toggled at runtime and programmatically queried through a shell command, just similar to Android’s Data Saver feature. But it is expected that Google must include a user-facing settings page, so that the restricted internet access based on each application, in order to independent rather than apps like NetGaurd, which demands VPN API; of Android.

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