OPOLAR 2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner and Air Duster is a worthy replacement for Compressed Spray Gas Cans

OPOLAR has grown since 2015 to be one of the innovative and consumer-focused appliances brands. This brand basically deals in cooling fans, laptop fans, heaters, humidifiers, and more. In addition, the ‘OPOLAR 2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner and Air Duster’ is also getting a lot of positive responses among users.

Here we’ll share with you key specifications and a review of this product in brief. For so many years, we’ve seen traditional or you can say the standard type of vacuum cleaners which can come in handy for multipurpose works.

While the power of the motor along with suction capacity was always a doubt among users those who want to remove dirt or dust particles with suction so that they don’t spread away.

Whereas compact and good looking form factor can also be one of the important aspects these days when more & more innovations or technology R&D teams are working for a better tomorrow.

Keeping in mind all of these possible aspects and maintaining an eco-friendly air blower product, the brand OPOLAR has landed a much-appreciated item.

OPOLAR 2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner and Air Duster – Specifications

This power-packed cordless air duster & blower from OPOLAR (Model: TAD05) is an upgraded version of the standard air duster in so many ways. With the powerful motor capacity that offers 2-in-1 technology of blowing and suction.

It also has a rechargeable battery of a typical 6,000 mAh capacity with 10W fast charging support. Talking about the motor capacity, the suction power is around 8000PA which offers strong cyclonic suction and the handheld vacuum offers a 60000RPM motor.

It allows users to quickly and easily suck out pet hair, paper scraps, dirt, dust particles, food debris, and other particles (0.3 microns) which are hard to reach.

Not only it’s capable to clean out dust from carpets & sofas, but also removes or blows out dust from laptops/desktops, keyboards, cooling fans, floors, tables, window frames, ACs, etc.

The portable hand mini vacuum cleaner includes 2 modes for air blowing and dust particle suction. It includes multi-nozzle cleaning options and multi-brush nozzles. Due to modularity, the nozzles are detachable and that’s why the design or form factor seems ergonomic always.

The cordless air duster weighs only 0.87lbs (394 grams). While the power supply of this item is 2000mAh*3 with 2A output & 10W support.

Brief Review of OPOLAR 2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner and Air Duster

After using this device multiple times over one year of the period, we’ve experienced some good and not-so-good aspects of it.

We’ve tried to share with you all the useful points that should come in handy for you. Now, without wasting any more time, let’s jump into it.

Design and Form Factor

This cordless air duster is only 0.87lbs which means it’s lightweight. It’s designed for portability and convenience. As per the brand, you can use it while holding your child. The overall build quality is awesome in this price range.

The ergonomic design without the cord basically helps you to move this machine freely. It’s the best suitable item for home, office desk, air conditioner, PC cabinet, keyboard, car cleaning, and so on. You can use it whenever and wherever you want.

Multi Nozzles Cleaning

Our cordless vacuum comes with 3 nozzles for different applications. 2 brush nozzles for more thorough cleaning (1 for blower mode, 1 for vacuum mode) and 1 round nozzle for blowing.

When the computer and accessories have some stubborn dust, you can use these nozzles to clean them more quickly and efficiently. Specifically, the vacuum mode and nozzles can really come in handy to suck dust particles or even debris easily.

Nozzles are easy to use and easy to clean whatsoever. The build quality is pretty good and no issues at all.

Quick Charge Tech & Long Battery Life

Please forget the disposable cleaning duster. The built-in 6000mAh rechargeable batteries can be for thousands of re-uses. 10W fast charge greatly reduces the charging time (3 hours fully charged).

Even in a high output state, this cordless air duster can work for up to 30 minutes after a full charge. Once the device is sufficiently charged, it works really well in terms of power. No issues with the battery capacity or charging so far.

8000PA Strong Cyclonic Suction

Our handheld vacuum with a 60000RPM motor, in addition, to quickly and easily sucking out pet hair, paper scraps, and food debris can also remove hard-to-reach dust, as small as 0.3 microns, deeply hidden in sofas and carpets.

Provide a comfortable and clean environment for your home or car. However, it looks like somehow the suction capacity could be much better because it lacks somewhere.

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Plenty of users did review this item and some of them mentioned the suction failure. It doesn’t mean the suction is too bad, it’s just not that great like the air-blower capacity.

It’s not only a powerful handheld vacuum cleaner but also a blower cleaner. So, in some scenarios, you may find it difficult to suck out all dust particles or debris from any surface unless you try it multiple times.

Blower & Suction 2-in-1

This portable hand mini vacuum cleaner has 2 modes of blowing and suction, making its cleaning function more powerful and convenient. Use it to blow out the dust and small debris from your car, home, or office, and then suck them away.

As an all-in-one air blower and suction tool, this is one of the most powerful machines that you can get on the market. Though the price tag is also quite high in terms of what you’re getting, this piece of tech can go for years without any hassle.

Easy to Operate and Clean

The filter is easy to clean and easy to fit properly. You’ll have to wash it under water and keep it dry before putting it back. For normal use, you don’t need to wash it. In most scenarios, you can simply blow away the dust from the filter to put it back.


For the price of $79.99 (approx INR 6,000), OPOLAR 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner and air duster is one of the best-in-class tools. You can buy it from the official OPOLAR website here. It’s though slightly costly, it’s a better alternative to compressed spray gas can for sure.

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