How to Disable Dynamic Refresh Rate on Poco X3

I’m sure you might have come across the term refresh rate especially with the phones. The good thing is that even a low-budget phone comes with a higher refresh rate, and Poco X3 is no exception that comes with a 120Hz refresh rate. Also, it has a dynamic refresh rate that will let you switch between refresh rates from one app to another.

This feature is useful as it saves battery by switching to a lower refresh rate. When it comes to dynamic refresh rate, it will make the phone sluggish and laggy, or even your phone might stutter. If you’ve Poco X3, you might have noticed the same thing as lagging or stuttering just because your dynamic refresh rate is set to 120Hz.

Here’s how you can disable the dynamic refresh rate on Poco X3. So that you can have a smooth experience on your smartphone. Without further ado, let’s gets started.

How to Disable Dynamic Refresh Rate on Poco X3

How to Disable Dynamic Refresh Rate on Poco X3

Dynamic Refresh Rate will provide you sluggish and stuttering issues when you keep the refresh rate at 120Hz. This can be solved by keeping the refresh at 60Hz, and even it can save your battery.


  1. Poco X3 should be rooted with Magisk v21.0
  2. Unlock the Poco X3 bootloader
  3. Download the following apps on Poco X3
  • Termux ( A terminal app)
  • MagiskHide Prop Config
  • Busybox-ndk

Steps to Disable DRR

Follow the steps until the end to keep a low refresh rate.

  1. First, install Termux and MagiskHide Prop config on Poco X3
  2. Run SU in Terminal
  3. Run props in your Terminal
  4. Choose 5 from the given option
  5. Choose n in the next step
  6. Type the code in the Terminal ro.vendor.dfps.enable
  7. Type False as default value ( Change it from true)
  8. Choose option (post-fs-dat)
  9. Select in the next option (Don’t reboot your device)
  10. Choose to setup another prop
  11. Type the command in the Terminal ro.vendor.smart_dfps.enable
  12. Now, change the default value to false, as it is set to false
  13. Then choose option 2 (post-fs-data)
  14. Reboot your device.

Now you can see your Poco X3 will give you a smooth experience than before. Also, the device will consume less energy. As a result, it will save your phone battery.

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