Xiaomi Blackshark Smartphone Looks Like A Gaming Console

Xiaomi’s first ever dedicated gaming smartphone Xiaomi Blackshark will launch on 13th April in China. Recently, Xiaomi sent out an invitation to media with the collaboration of Nanchang Black Shark Technology Co. for the launch event of Blackshark gaming smartphone. And now Xiaomi released the first look of the device. Xiaomi’s first ever dedicated gaming smartphone will launch on 13th April in China but today they unveil the poster look. We have heard so many leaks and rumors about the smartphone design and look that this will be like a premium flagship device and have some nice finishing but in the poster, the device looks like a pure hardcore gaming handheld console or you can say a dedicated gamepad or emulator.

The Xiaomi and Nanchang Black Shark Technology Co. focused on the hardware and performance rather than the outer look and design. The CEO of the Black Shark Co., Wu Shimin, mentioned that the device came from all various manufacturers such as Huawei, Samsung, and Tencent for more powerful and rugged gaming smartphone. All the mentioned companies are expert in this segment. Xiaomi briefs that they will come with more gaming models in future.

Xiaomi's first ever dedicated gaming smartphone Xiaomi Blackshark will launch on 13th April in China.


Xiaomi Blackshark previously scored at around 270K points with 8GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage and Snapdragon 845 Soc along with Adreno 630 GPU, which is a huge score for gaming. The device looks like a Nintendo Switch gaming console with so many dedicated control buttons. The body and design are rugged and ergonomic which seems quite game-centric emulator or gamepad. It has a quite nice curve design on the back side for more better hand grip and long usage. The Black and Green color combination looks good and authentic in terms of the Blackshark logo and color.

It has a micro USB port for charging and data-syncing along with a 3.5mm audio jack for unleashing gaming experience via headphone. It has also the two analog buttons for controlling movement just like other gaming joysticks. The analogs are a little bit of lift bumped than its surface for more easier use. A proper gaming smartphone for sure.

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