Want Unlimited Inventory in Fortnite? Check the steps

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 comes with its updates brought in a lot of glitches to the game. However, This glitch will help you as a trick to get unlimited inventory in Fortnite. Not only this, but glitches are also inevitable with every new update bringing a bunch of weird bugs, which can make the game unfair for some of the players.

Recently, an effective trick has been found which lets you carry as many items or weapons as you want. Besides this, one of the Fortnite YouTubers Glitch King was among the first person to share this trick or you can say “unlimited inventory” bug. Once you perform this trick, you will no need to worry about choosing between weapons.

In this short and simple article, you will get to know how to get an unlimited inventory in Fortnite, as you know it can be hard to find a perfect loadout that works in every situation.

Want Unlimited Inventory in Fortnite? Check the steps

This trick can only be done by having a “boat” and a “gas can” in the game. You have to get these two items before playing the game. The following steps will help you to get it:

How to get an Unlimited Inventory in Fortnite

  1. First, you will need to find a ‘boat’ and a ‘gas can’ in Fortnite.
  2. After finding the boat, bring it to the loot and enter it.
  3. Now, change seats in the boat with the gas can in hand.
  4. Then pick up any item you want.
  5. Just shuffle between the gas can and your pickaxe to duplicate items as much as possible.
  6. Under gas can slot, all the extra items will be stored easily.
  7. To reveal the stacked gear, just drop a gas can to retrieve other items.
  8. That’s pretty easy.

Keep in mind that the loot won’t be visible in your inventory until you drop those items.

Note: We recommend you to use this trick in a private lobby with friends as it would be safer. We do not suggest using this trick in public matches as it might get an account banned by developers for finding you guilty, though it’s a bug. Meanwhile, the bug can be solved in the next patch update. So, this unlimited stock can be also limited for that time.

Till then stay tuned for more info. You can comment below for additional queries.

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