Easy Steps to Invite and Add Friends on Call of Duty Mobile (2021)

Call of Duty: Mobile developed by Timi Studio is an advanced battle royale game made for mobile. The CoD: Mobile gameplay format is very much similar to PUBG Mobile but faster, smoother, and gives a little bit of feel of CoD: Modern Warfare. The game is available for Android and iOS in their respective app store. Some players are having trouble adding and inviting their friends on Call of Duty: Mobile.

Well, that’s easy than you think if you’re not aware of adding and inviting your friends in Call of Duty: Mobile. You’re on the right post.


We’ve successfully managed to provide a simple tutorial guide that will help you to Invite and Add Friends on Call of Duty: Mobile. Without further ado, let’s get started.

How To Add Friends on Call of Duty: Mobile

A Multiplayer mode is best when it comes to enjoyment, especially with your homies. But first, it’s necessary to add them to a match or lobby. Here’s how you do that:

  • Visit the Main menu of Call of Duty: Mobile
  • Select the Friends icon on the top right corner of the Main menu
  • Then click on “Add Friends”
  • A search bar will appear, you can type the user ID of your friend
  • Once you inserted the user ID, then tap on the yellow request button
  • Then your friend will review a popup message asking to accept the request.

And there you go!

How to Invite Friends To A Game on Call Of Duty Mobile

If you’re all gathered together to play a game or battle royale match. It’s easy to invite them because they’re already added to your friend list. To do that:

  • Visit the multiplayer menu.
  • Tap on the invite friends option, all of your friends will appear on the right side of your mobile screen.
  • Join the match by taping on the name of your friends.
  • If your friend accepted your request then he will join the looby
  • Start the game and kill your opponents

You can play as many times as you want, and any multiplayer mode. Happy Gaming!

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