Steps to Get Vampire Mod for Crusader Kings 3

If you’d already played the game, you will know that the bloodlines of families are strange in Crusader Kings lineup. There is a mod added in the title Vampire: The Masquerade as Prince of Darkness at the start of the month and registered within the Dark pack. Prince of Darkness is officially approved by RPG and is based on the World of Darkness universe. Here we’ve shared Steps to Get Vampire Mod for Crusader Kings 3.

The mod is made by the same team that created its predecessor mod for Crusader Kings 2. So it’s not wrong if you say, it’s inspired by World of Darkness material. In the collab of Wolf gaming Studio and Paradox Interactive has given official permission to make the mod.

Steps to Get Vampire Mod for Crusader Kings 3

You’re a vampire now, it means you’re immortal but this doesn’t mean that you have complete freedom. The beast will transform into a feral wight which will let your character reannounce the throne. But you’ve to keep up with your powers by doing the hunting for blood. There will be a core modifier to represent the need for your blood.

You’re a special vampire of the new punch of skills like blood sorcery by unlocking a spooky lifestyle tree. However, intrigue plays an important role than normal, You can actually check it out by sending your buddies to steal the soul of neighboring kings. Besides this, religions also play a great role in the mod leading to groups of vampires ends up getting hating each other.

Generally, warfare creates a heavier impact on knights. Especially if composed to levies, you will get prowess allowing you to overcome more numerous forces. You’ll feel in between that this is not a good time for peasants, but you can control them hopping on buildings in your cities as a vampire. There’s a lot to find here along with many creatures like ghouls and werewolves.

You can get mod on Steam Workshop and Paradox’s site.

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