Steps to Change Date and Time on Chromebook

Steps to Change Date and Time on Chromebook

Chromebook is a device that is designed to run a lightweight operating system. Its hardware just looks like laptops, but the minimalistic, web browser-based Chrome OS which is different from regular Windows OS and macOS. However, Chromebooks are budget-friendly which can be replaced by Windows laptops or MacBooks.

It becomes quite tricky to find a particular eensy-weensy setting on devices and Chromebook is no exception. As mentioned above, it’s not just like a regular laptop so this also means that settings are different too. If you’re struggling with how to change the date and time on your Chromebook, you’re on the right post.

We’ve mentioned a short explanatory guide that will help you to change the Date and Time on Chromebook. Without further ado, let’s gets started.

Steps to Change Date and Time on Chromebook

Can’t we use a custom date and time on Chromebook?

This is the most FAQ asked by the people who use Chromebooks. Unlike laptops, PC, tablets, and smartphones you can’t use a custom date and time on Chromebook because Google doesn’t allow to do that. The main reason behind this is, your device can expose to certain security threats that can easily target your private data.

However, most of the applications and features need current time processed so that they can sync up with the server. That’s why this question is asked mostly.

Steps to Change Date and Time on Chromebook

Here’s how you can change the Date and Time on Chromebook:

  • Visit Settings
  • Go to the Advanced section located on the left sidebar
  • Click on Date and Time
  • Select the “Time zone” located on the right tab
  • Click on “Choose from a list”
  • A drop-down menu will appear
  • Find your particular respective time zone
  • There you go!

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