Statusbrew Review 2019: A Complete Guide for Social Media Marketers

Social media, being an essential part of the online era, is becoming more perplexing when it comes to online marketing. So to keep a business in the long run, it needs to adopt the right way to get the desired results. It needs social media management to deliver impressive marketing. We have provided a complete Guide for Social Media Marketers.

To do so, there are a lot of social media marketing tools with extraordinary features to make your work much easier.

Here, we’re writing my experience of using Statusbrew which is one of the best social media management tools.


Looking for a social marketing tool with incredible features? Find out what Statusbrew is all about and what are the features that it carries.

Statusbrew Review 2019: A Complete Guide for Social Media Marketers

What is Statusbrew?

Statusbrew is one of those social media marketing tools that helps you in composing and scheduling posts. It is a complete social media management package with extensive features. It eases the work of social monitoring by its engage and reports section.

You might be thinking that all other social marketing tools provide this feature then why to go for Statusbrew. But Statusbrew is a tool that provides a lot more than just scheduling posts.

Check out the overall features that Statusbrew carries.

Core features

Basically, there are 4 core features of Statusbrew:

1. Compose

For publishing any content, you need to compose it first. In the dashboard, the first icon on the left navigation pane is a composer. It contains two sections: compose and CSV upload.

Compose: Compose is where you can write the text, select multiple profiles, add media or links, shorten links, manage tags, check the preview and schedule it for publishing.

CSV upload: CSV file is an excel file saved with .csv extension. It contains the date & time for publishing the post and the text or URL you want to add.

Thus, you can compose the post here as you want it to be uploaded.

2. Publish

Publish includes all the posts that you have scheduled or published in the Planner section. You can create new posts or edit the already scheduled posts before they get published. It helps in delivering the content to the audience at the effective time.

With the RSS feed of any website, you can share newly curate stories directly here.

3. Engage

Engage section allows you to reply to all the messages, comments or mentions for all your social media profiles. You can assign a particular conversation to your other team members so they can handle it if in case you are busy.

Apart from this, you can even filter the engagements according to keywords or profiles.

For example, we have added my Facebook and Twitter accounts so we used to add a filter for checking messages for one platform i.e. individually Facebook or Twitter.

4. Reports

This is where you get all the insights for your accounts as well as particular posts. You can check the information including:

  • Engagements
  • Likes
  • Reaches
  • Comments
  • Shares
  • Followers
  • Top performing posts etc.

Additional Features

Apart from the four core features, Statusbrew has additional benefits too.

  • Content pool: This is where you can save the content for further use. For example, you have some ideas that you would like to publish a few days later on your social media accounts, then you can save the content at the content pool to use it for further use.
  • Customize reports: Along with the pre-designed reports, Statusbrew provides the feature to customize and create your own reports according to the format you want to save them.
  • RSS feeds: You can add RSS feeds of your favorite blogs so as to get updated with their latest content.
  • Team handling: Statusbrew has a feature to add other team members and create groups so they can distribute the accounts for better management.

Pricing of Statusbrew

All the features of Statusbrew are unique and incredible. So it must be reflected in its price. Basically, it has 3 major plans:

Essential Plan

It cost $99/month. Essentials plan includes the complete toolkit for your social media management.

Professional Plan

It costs $499/month. This plan is suitable for the agencies and teams who want to optimize and collaborate with their workflows.

Enterprise Plan

This plan has a custom price that you could buy according to your requirements. Majorly, this plan is for the organizations that need additional control and security.

Statusbrew Review 2019: A Complete Guide for Social Media Marketers

Before choosing any plans, you can even get a 14-day free trial to experience the incredible features of Statusbrew.


We would really suggest using this tool as it is a very comprehensive platform and carries the features that all social media managers are looking for. It helps in delivering the best performance and get quick insights. Hope this article would help you to solve your queries.

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