Should You Charge Your Phone Overnight

Should you charge your phone overnight? That’s another FAQ by many smartphone users. Smartphone has become an important part of one’s life, actually, it has enhanced your lifestyle. The very first thing popup when you decide to purchase a smartphone is obviously performance, camera and the most important thing “Battery“. Most people do charge their phone overnight but is it good? will it affect your smartphone battery life? No worries, we got you all covered up. Read the article till the end, which will hardly take 4-5 minutes of reading that will save the battery life of your phone. Without further delay, let’s get started.

In smartphones and tablets, different variations of Li-ion battery also known as Lithium Polymer (Li-Poly) are used. These batteries are safer, smaller, and charge quickly as compared to other batteries. To explain it simply, These batteries degrade faster when you charge them regularly when it passed 80% and drops below 20%, it’s recommended to avoid the charging battery than that.

Should You Charge Your Phone Overnight

Why Shouldn’t You Charge Your Phone Overnight?

Charging and discharging the battery moderately between the 20% and 80% range, will get chances of getting 1,000 full cycles. That is almost approximately three years of daily charges. That’s how the battery exactly works! Lithium Polymer batteries made up of the layer lithium cobalt oxide layer and graphite. To get the energy ions to move from graphite ions to lithium cobalt oxide. While charging, the process is completely opposite, that’s, why we should never overcharge the battery.

Charging your battery overnight or plugging the power cord overnight even if the battery is full at 100% will result in increasing the temperature. This alternatively degrades your battery. It will be more dangerous when you keep your phone on charging under your pillow. The absence of airflow will increase the chances of risk of fire.

Your Li-ion (lithium-ion) battery degrades faster when you keep your phone exposing to temperatures below 0 Celcius (32-Fahrenheit) and above 70 Celcius (158-Fahrenheit), also avoid keeping your phone in the car on hot and humid or cold weathering days.

How to maintain and expand the battery life?

To expand the battery life, users need to do the following:

  1. Charge the battery moderately between 20% and 80%.
  2. Prefer to keep the phone at room temperature.
  3. Turn off the unwanted applications that drain out your battery faster.
  4. Always use the battery saver option to get a long-lasting battery.
  5. Even if your phone battery is reached 100%, unplug from the power cable immediately.

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