PS5 wasn’t turned off properly

PlayStation 5 can be a precious gaming machine to someone because the way the console looks can make you fall for it. Never thought that we’ll likely to see errors and bugs in the console since the first day of release, but bugs and error are normal things now. PlayStation Plus Collection is the smart choice Sony has made, so there’re gamers who loved the strategy.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the issue related to the system turn of the issue of PlayStation 5. The error message follows as “Your PS5 wasn’t turned off properly”, and for the gamers who let their PS5 in Rest Mode displays “Repairing console storage” which accompanies the message as”Your PS5 wasn’t turned off properly.” So what does it mean? Is it not good to let your console on the rest mode? How to resolve the issue?

We’ve managed to provide an explanatory guide that will help you to fix PS5 that wasn’t turned off properly. Stick to the guide till the end, without further ado, let’s get started.

PS5 wasn’t turned off properly

How to Fix PS5 wasn’t turned off properly

The majority of the gamers still don’t turn the console properly even if it’s mentioned on the manual guide, they just don’t follow pretty basic instructions to turn off the console. Turning the power switch directly is not the way to turn off your console, this can lead to serious issues, resulting in a “Your PS5 wasn’t turned off properly” error.

  • Just select “Power” > Then “turn off PS5”.
  • That’s simple.

When you’ve encountered the issue just select “OK” the system will start as normal again. And for those who face regular power cuts, it’s recommended to avoid letting their PS5 on Rest mode. If the console is in Rest mode and suddenly the power cuts, the error repeats again.

Take a Note: Data loss, data corruption, or damage can occur when there’s a sudden power cut when your PS5 is in Rest Mode. So it makes sense that you keep avoiding if you don’t have a constant power supply.

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