New Gaming Mode App for Android Configure Settings Automatically

Mobile games are getting popularity every day and thanks to the online battle royale games for giving a wide platform to Android device users. These mobile games are generating revenues in billions due to their in-app purchases offer. While mobile games are great killers of your lazy time but they can distract or consume your other daily activities as well. Sometimes your normal smartphone tasks can interrupt your gaming session without any information. That means if you’re playing any live game or highly intensive game, your concentration or display will be interrupted easily. In this post, we will talk about a new Gaming Mode application for Android devices that can easily configure settings.

New Gaming Mode App for Android – Boosts Performance

The native Gaming booster option is now mostly available in most of the smartphone OEM ROMs like Huawei, Oppo, Realme, Xiaomi, OnePlus, etc. While some of the Android smartphones come with no gaming optimization mode. In this case, the users can notice performance lag and unintentional notifications while hardcore gaming.

One of the XDA Senior Members fundoozzz has recently released an app called ‘Gaming Mode’ for all Android devices running on Android 5.0 or higher versions. The app overwrites the system permissions to take full control of calls, messages, and other notifications while gaming. It also reduces the system background task overload automatically and free-up RAM to boost device performance including network signal strength and more.

When you open the app after installing for the first time, it will give you an option to add the games individually which one you want to optimize and filter from calls/SMS. After selecting the game(s) from the list, you can easily launch the game from there and change the global settings as well.

Now, to change the global settings for the selected game(s), you need to tap on the settings icon and enable the Gaming Mode from there. Now, you can simply turn on/off the Wi-Fi, auto-brightness, ringtone volume, media volume, auto call reject, block notifications, clear background apps. You’re done! 😀

Note: The Wi-Fi turn on/off, disable auto-brightness, reject calls, notification blocking, ringtone, and media volume change – these all are only for the selected games(s). You can change according to your preference at any time.

New Gaming Mode App for Android Configure Settings Automatically
Gaming Mode Features

Gaming Mode App Features:

  1. Change Wi-Fi mode (Turn on/off).
  2. Auto Reject Incoming calls.
  3. Block Notifications.
  4. Clear Background Apps to free-up RAM and Boost Performance.
  5. Disable Auto-Brightness for the game(s).
  6. Change Ringtone Volume and Media Volume.

In this app, you can also check the changelog and road map list as well which has implemented and which will come soon. You can also share the app directly, can check which permissions are taken from your device and why. The best part is that you can also give feedback to the developer about any request or issue as well.

Pro Features:

  • Whitelist contacts from getting auto-rejected.
  • Allow calls from unknown numbers as well to bypass the auto-reject calls.
  • Allow calls from an unknown number if they are received by your number for a specified time and duration.

Upcoming Pro Features:

  • Whitelist apps from notification blocking.
  • Can take calls instead of auto-rejecting (works on Android 7.0 or above).
  • Draft your own message or select from pre-defined templates to send the text automatically after the call is auto-rejected. [Such as – Busy in playing a game, can’t talk right now]
  • Whitelist apps to prevent them from getting cleared from the background.
  • Create widgets to launch games directly from your device home screen.

Download The Gaming Mode App for Android

You can download the app from the Google Play Store for free. While the app also offers an in-app purchases option which will provide you with some more features. Download and install the app on any of your Android smartphones easily from below.

[appbox googleplay com.zappcues.gamingmode]

Why Choosing Gaming Mode App

You can get hundreds of gaming booster apps available in the Play Store. But most of them only focused on in-app purchases to give decent features. Some of them require root access to control system settings globally. Some won’t work well in every condition but the Zappcues’s Gaming Mode app really helps to boost your gaming performance.

If you’re using any preloaded gaming booster feature on your device, just turn it off. Then you can use this app easily and it will give you more power than the previous one. The app developers have checked all the smartphone OEM gaming boosters before they develop this app. All the preloaded gaming booster feature only provides some basic options. While most of us know well about the XDA team members and their developments or efforts.

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