Motorola working on Foldable Display Smartphone using Thermal Element

Motorola working on Foldable Display Smartphone using Thermal Element

The Lenovo-owned brand Motorola working on developing their new foldable display smartphone using Thermal Element. The Thermal element enables flexible OLED display which can be folded frequently. All other smartphone brands like Samsung, Oppo, LG, Huawei are also on the list for developing a foldable hinge mechanism smartphone. The frequent use of foldable display smartphone can cause damage very soon. So the durability of the flexible display is a big question. But it seems that Motorola is trying to implement a different technology patent for this.

Motorola filed Patent for Frequent Bending Flexible OLED Display

Motorola has been granted the patent from USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) called “Method to recover permanent set in a foldable display” on June 14, 2018. The OLED displays contain layers of plastic which are very flexible and fragile as well. So, when you try to bend the OLED display, it will be damaged easily. If a foldable smartphone size is bigger and can be folded into half portion then the semi-permanent distortion may happen for sure. But Motorola has a heat technology which can be used for a longer time.

Motorola working on Foldable Display Smartphone using Thermal Element
Image Credit: LetsGoDigital
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Motorola has a hinge-mechanism technology that can be run over the entire body of the display. Motorola added another hinge, making it possible to bend the device at several points. The hinge-technology will be implemented through Thermal element heat process. This heating process can increase the temperature of the whole display area to bend it flexibly without any damage.

Via the curve detection module, it can be possible to calculate how much time the display stays in a curved position. The curve detection module is working on a separate battery so the detection module can calculate even after the mobile is turned off.

So, if the curved formation stays well over the predefined duration or if the temperature becomes too low, then it can be calculated to what extent there is semi-permanent deformation. Once the display screen is unfolded and the display is inactive, then the automatic recovery process begins. When the dynamic thermal heating element system turned on and the temperature is increased, the flexible OLED display can be folded both inwards and outwards.

Motorola working on Foldable Display Smartphone using Thermal Element
Image Credit: LetsGoDigital

Development Stage of Foldable Display Smartphone

There are so many leaks and rumors that some of the manufacturers are developing their own foldable display smartphone via their own patent technology. But who wins first and who can provide better foldable display smartphone in terms of price point and user accessibility… that’s another big question. In terms of foldable display, the way it can be opened, folded, and enhances the user experience that will be a big part of success. The heat technology provides by Motorola is unique and difficult too. Maybe this will take more time to properly implement for release but it can be turn out to be a near future thing.

Recently, we mentioned the foldable smartphone patent about Samsung and Huawei, where the display can be used from outside. This will occur less damage due to the larger angle of screen rotation modules over the hinge mechanism. The Samsung patented for Multi-Display Full Screen Smartphone recently. Whereas, LG also filed a patent for the dual-screen extendable display smartphone which can be pulled out. We already have seen the LG 65-inch roll-up TV prototype at the CES 2018 event. From here you can download the patent file from Motorola Mobility.

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