Microsoft Surface Phone New Render Shows Laptop and Gaming Mode

Microsoft Surface Phone is now getting so much attention and leaks that the device could come with foldable mechanism just like any laptop. We already have seen so many renders about the surface phone with huge display and premium design along with touch pen. The reports say that the device codename will be ‘Andromeda’. You could see the designed concept image by David Breyer on his twitter page. He has created some renders earlier and now again he is back with one more render.

Microsoft Surface Phone New Render Shows Laptop and Gaming Mode

The new series of images shows a 2-in-1 device like laptop cum mini gaming console. Where the 2nd part of the display converts into an Xbox onscreen gaming console. The laptop mode turns on the 2nd display as a keyboard and some shortcut keys of Apple Touchbar. This Microsoft Surface Phone will be a foldable hinged device that can easily fit in your pocket that’s why some experts called it ‘Pocketable’ device. Those who love to use any convertible laptops or phablets, this Microsoft Surface Phone could replace all those devices.

Where the 2nd part of the display converts into an Xbox onscreen gaming console.

Gaming and Working Focused Mode – Microsoft Surface Phone

The rendered images look cool and productive as well in terms of 2-in-1 compatibility. Where you can see the Microsoft Surface Phone turns into a gaming console as well as a smaller laptop for working. Microsoft is trying to combine these two things to make a better product and competitor. However, it’s hard to believe that the actual Microsoft Surface Phone could come with a handheld gaming console. But if the device powered by Intel chip inside with even a single Thunderbolt 3 port that will make a difference and the users can connect external GPU to the device for enhanced gaming performance.

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The single Thunderbolt 3 port will also come in handy when you will connect your external keyboard or mouse for working. However, if the Microsoft Surface Phone could come with an ARM chip then it will not be able to feature Thunderbolt 3 port still, users can use it via Type-C port.

Things are quite messed up right now because there is no rear and front camera module placed on the Microsoft Surface Phone. As it will be a pocketable device, the company will definitely add camera setup and we have to wait for the future renders. The device will run on Windows 10 OS and will feature all Microsoft core applications. In previous leaks, we came to know that the Andromeda device will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 SoC which is purely made for Windows 10 ARM 64-bit mobile computing devices. The SDM850 chip is clearly powerful and dedicated for high-end mobile computing devices with AI (Artificial Intelligence) and an overclocked 2.96GHz frequency.

But Qualcomm is working on another chip which will be featured with 12W TDP called Snapdragon 1000 chip. This chipset is quite powerful and advanced and will compete with Intel processors. So there are so many rumors and leaks about the ‘Microsoft Surface Phone’ or ‘Andromeda’ or ‘Pocketable’ device.

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