List of Battlefield 2042 Open Beta Bugs and Errors

Battlefield 2042 is all set to launch officially on November 19, 2021, by DICE and Electronic Arts. Whereas interested gamers or Battlefield fans will be able to play Battlefield 2042 starting October 22, 2021. Currently, it’s running on the open beta access and players are getting multiple issues with it. Here we’ve shared with you a full list of Battlefield 2042 Open Beta Bugs and Errors that you should know.

It offers modern combat gameplay with futuristic warfare mode depending on the WWII scenario where up to 128 players’ massive-scaled battle royale will take place. Now, plenty of PC and console users are encountering a couple of errors or bugs while launching the game or in the gameplay sessions. That’s why we’ve mentioned all issues in one place.

This article will also let you know which issues have been fixed already, which are in the works, and which will take some time in the near future. It’s quite common for newly released online battle royale games for such a massive-scaled first-person shooter video game to have many errors whatsoever. Enough talking, now let’s move to the topic below.

List of Battlefield 2042 Open Beta Bugs and Errors

The Battlefield 2042 Beta started on October 6, 2021, for early access players who were waiting for such a long time. Then the Open Beta build opened to everyone on October 8, 2021, and running until October 10, 2021, respectively. The Early Access build is available for EA Play subscribers and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate users right now.

You can check out the Battlefield 2042 official reveal trailer below:

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The game developer DICE has published a list of known issues or you can say a bunch of common problems that players may get into them while launching it or during the gameplay. So, we’ve compiled all of those issues in this article so that it’ll be helpful to you to find & track all possible bugs, errors, etc all in one place.

1. ‘Backend server could not be found’ Error

Electronic Arts have recently announced that they’ve planned a maintenance process before the Open Beta rollout process. It’ll take down the server offline at 7 a.m. UTC, before opening at 9 a.m. UTC.

So, during that two-hour timeframe, you may encounter the ‘Backend server could not be found’ error. As a result, the open beta launch will take place at 2 a.m. PT / 5 a.m. ET / 10 a.m. in the UK.

2. ‘Unknown Error’ Notification

Some players may receive a red notification that says “Unknown Error” in the top right corner of the screen. It indicates that there are some issues with the game servers and the ongoing maintenance or fixing process is on its way.

FIX: According to DICE, they’ve already applied a server-side fix that has improved the number of available servers. Whereas they’re still working on it and try scaling up the server capacity to make sure that players can get into the game within their region and can get the best connection possible #BattlefieldBeta.

3. Open Beta Early Access QR Code

As the Battlefield 2042 open early access beta has now opened for interested players, you can now pre-order for the full game after release via EA Play or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions. While a few eligible participants may face a welcome screen that shows a QR Code for pre-ordering the full game and a ‘Retry’ button to check again.

It says “To secure your early access and be among the first with boots on the ground when the Beta goes live, you’ll need to pre-order Battlefield 2042 or be an active EA Play subscriber.”

FIX: Electronic Arts has acknowledged this issue and already fixed it too with a patch update.

4. Visual and Performance-related Issues

Obviously, the open beta build is running before the official stable full game release. So, we can expect some performance issues as well as glitches or bugs. You can’t really deal with it until the stable build comes out or developers come up with a patch fix.

5. No Crossplay Parties

Cross-Platform Play or Crossplay feature is one of the most important and integral parts of plenty of online battle royale first-person shooter video games. However, players will not be able to create parties across console platforms and play with each other right now.

FIX: The game developer DICE should include a crossplay feature in the full game launch.

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6. PS5 Adaptive Triggers

Battlefield 2042 PS5 version currently supports the PS5 DualSense haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

FIX: DICE is investigating it.

7. Commorose

The open beta access supports the pinging system. We assume more will come in the near future.

8. HDR Disabled on PC

HDR isn’t currently supported on the PC version of Battlefield 2042 Open Beta.

FIX: DICE is working on it to bring HDR mode during the full launch of the game.

9. VOIP Disabled

VOIP (Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol) is currently not available on the open beta access.

FIX: DICE might come up with it during the full launch of the game.

10. Continuous EMP Visuals

It’s quite uncommon for the players to experience continuous EMP visuals on their screen even after getting down in the gameplay.

FIX: It seems that leaving and re-joining the server or getting into the game should resolve this problem temporarily. No announcement for the official permanent fix yet.

11. Xbox Gameplay Recording Issues

Some unfortunate Xbox console users are experiencing Xbox GamePlay Recording issues while playing the open beta build. That means even the default built-in screen recording feature isn’t working.

FIX: DICE has already resolved this issue with the latest patch update recently.

Battlefield 2042 is scheduled to launch for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S platforms on Nov. 19, 2021. So, pre-order the game right now or just have some patience for the full game release.

12. Unable to Connect to EA Servers

Players have started reporting that they’re basically unable to connect to EA servers while getting into the game. It’s preventing them from accessing the game’s open beta access.

FIX: It’s typically a server-side issue and you can’t deal with it until DICE & EA fix this issue from their end. However, you can try re-opening the game after clearing the background running tasks from Task Manager. Just close tasks for ‘EA’, ‘EA Background Service’, and ‘EADesktop’ then reboot the system. Always keep your game client up-to-date.

13. Unable to Reset to Default Keybindings on PC

Some players are attempting to reset their keybindings on the PC to the default values and finding that it’s not working properly. It’s also one of the common issues of the open beta right now.

FIX: Please make sure to close the game properly and delete your settings folder from the installed Battlefield 2042 directory. By default, this can be found from the “C:\Users\\Documents\Battlefield 2042 Open Beta” directory. DICE has already issued a fix in the current builds and it shouldn’t occur in the full game.

14. A Controller Issue Not Allowing Players to Bypass Main Menu

In rare scenarios, some players are unable to press the A/X or Y/△ buttons on the controller to get past the welcome screen. There is an issue that should be fixed in Post-Beta.

FIX: As of now, developers are recommending using a different controller to connect the controller directly to your console with a USB cable. Make sure to disconnect any headsets/additional USB or Bluetooth devices. It has been fixed to remove this problem for some affected players.

15. Visual Artifacting that potentially triggers Photosensitivity Conditions

DICE is already aware of this rare issue that has a visual problem that can cause effects in the game to display as full-screen flashes of white light. It can potentially trigger those with Photosensitive Conditions.

FIX: Developers are working on it. Meanwhile, you should take notices from Epilepsy on the EA website.

We’ll keep updating this article whenever a new bug or error appears to the players apart from fixes or patch updates.

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