ixigo kavach A Smart Lock For Smart Travellers – Kya Apke Lock Mein Shock Hai?

The ixigo kavach is a smart lock solution for a smart traveler. ixigo kavach makes a worry-free experience while traveling and put your bag or luggage without any extra security or effort. This new lock is purely based on security purposes and working on both Bluetooth and Fingerprint scanning technology. Whether you can lock and unlock this security device with your fingerprint or via Bluetooth connected smartphones.

ixigo kavach Features

The integrated mobile app always working in the background to protect your locked bag and luggage. Whether you can use any one option for making a sound or giving an electronic shock. When it activated if anyone or any thief want to grab your bag or luggage and run away from you, the lock will automatically sense the distance between your paired device and plays a sound or gives a continuous electronic shock over 5.0 meter of distance.

The mobile app also sends the security breach notification instantly to the user. Additionally, you can set a custom message tone like “Yeh Mera Bag Hai, Haath Mat Lagana” etc. which will play when anyone tries to steal your bag.

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The fully accurate GPS technology and Proximity sensor quickly activate the frequency of the connected device or app. This feature allows the users to protect their luggage and can track location details with a simple click via the mobile app.

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This creates an invisible shield of protection around the bag. The ixigo kavach lock has a military-grade metal frame that looks great and solid. It is also a certified water-resistant lock. There is a charging port available to charge this device and you are good to go for a long journey. The inbuilt fingerprint scanner also lights up while charging and finger scanning. The normal-sized ixigo kavach smart lock with a black color variant comes with a price tag of Rs.799 only. You can buy this smart lock online within a few weeks.

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