Is Escape from Tarkov Server Down?

Escape from Tarkov is an amazing game with a realistic military war between two private military companies that has stunning graphics and fantastic gameplay. You can now play the complete game as the closed beta has arrived in 2017. The game is good but has only one drawback, the game is only available on PC. Escape from Tarkov is an online multiplayer game, and some players are encountering servers down the issue.

However, this usually happens when large game patches are launched, if you’re experiencing the same you’re on the right post. You can still count on the server to run by reading the post till the end that we’ve managed to provide you. Without wasting much of your time, let’s get started.

Is Escape from Tarkov Server Down?

Is Escape from Tarkov Server Down?

Sometimes unplanned outages are the culprit that accompanies error 260, and error 213 that follow the error message like “error connecting to the server”. Keep in mind that you’re not the only one who’s facing the server down the issue in Is Escape from Tarkov. Also, it might possible that the server down is due to some other valid reasons. Here’s some major following thing that is worth to do:

  1. You can visit the Battlestate Games Twitter page to check all the real-time info and updates.
  2. Check the server is running or not, visit the DownDetector website to get all the latest info.
  3. Additionally, make sure to check out your internet connection. In some cases, unstable or slower internet connectivity can cause several issues while connecting to the server online.

What if Nothing Works?

If in case, the game server is actually down or has an outage, there’s nothing we can do but is to wait. There could be a huge maintenance break is going on, so wait for the server to respond. We hope developers will fix it soon.

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