iOS 14 Beta 4 released – What’s New?

iOS 14 Beta 4 released - What's New?

Cupertino giant Apple has recently released the fourth developer beta of iOS 14 on August 4, 2020, after almost two weeks of releasing iOS 14 Beta 3. The new version has been released at 10 a.m PDT, standard time for the registered developer beta users. While, as always the Public Beta users have to wait for one day e,g today on August 5, 2020, 1 p.m PDT standard time. So, if you’re already using the iOS 14 Beta build on your iPhone, then check what’s new in this update.

This time there is slight excitement in the iOS community as the iOS 14 Beta 3 was really good in terms of the performance, stability, and battery backup. So, developers have definitely come with more stability and a couple of changes that every iOS 14 beta users need to know. So let’s quickly explore them.

iOS 14 Beta 4 released - What's New?

iOS 14 Beta 4 – What’s New?

There are a couple of useful features added or improved that simply will gonna enhance user experience in your daily life. Now, let’s take a quick look.

1. Return of 3D Touch

As you know, in the third developer & public beta of iOS 14, the support for 3D Touch was removed by Apple. But as users have requested a lot, now you don’t have to worry about it as of now. Because Apple again includes the much popular 3D Touch feature on the fourth developer and public beta.

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2. New Apple TV Widget

There is a new Apple TV Widget available on iOS 14 Beta 4 build. It was missing in the previous betas. This app was teased at WWDC 2020 in June. But now the new widget is added in the fourth developer beta and will be available on the fourth public beta as well.

Users will be able to see the featured videos on the Apple TV app with the addition of a new widget that offers a much more robust view. As usual, it can be resized into three widget sizes.

3. The arrival of Exposure Notification (COVID-19)

Apple has included the all-new Exposure Notification API for the COVID-19 pandemic, partnership with Google which was already launched on iOS 13.5 earlier but now it’s available on the iOS 14 Beta 4 build.

The Exposure Notification is ready to access by both developer beta and public beta users. It’s also able to track contact tracing for COVID-19. The Exposure Notification also has the ability to have multiple apps and changing the active app.

4. Improved Search Results

If you are one of them who prefers search options on the home screen for various apps and files but somehow not optimized as you want. This new feature is for you as it is added in Beta 4. It has a clean and interactive search option which absolutely looks better than the previous betas.

5. App Uninstalling option

In the fourth beta of iOS 14, users can get a new option to move the app to App Library or directly uninstall from your iPhone. Though something similar to this particular feature is already present on the previous version where users can either completely delete an app or only remove from the home screen.

6. Improvements in Battery Performance

According to the reports, the beta testers revealed that there are some improvements done in the battery performance that will surely gonna help users to carry their iPhone longer without a charger. Now, you can also expect better battery performance in the new iOS 14 Beta 4 and the iPadOS 14 Beta 4 as well.

That’s it for now. You can keep checking this article for further information.

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