IGI Origins Release Date and Gameplay Details

IGI Origins Release Date and Gameplay Details

IGI (I’m Going In) is an amazing series of first-person shooter video games. While the developer ‘Antimatter Games’ is winding up with the latest announced game IGI Origins. It’s a prequel game based on Cold War in the 1980s, so it will be a thriller game for sure the same as their other IGI franchisee.

Here’s everything you should know about the ‘IGI Origins’ release date and its gameplay details. So without wasting much of your time, let’s get started.

IGI: Origin Storyline

As mentioned above, IGI: Origin is based on a true storyline of the 1980s Cold war. The story is focused on the brave agent named “Regent” while guarding up with M16 on a duty. Regent will be chased with some missions and responsibilities of national security and missions worldwide. Provided with some thriller missions and purpose to found an origin of the Institute of Geo-tactical Intelligence.

Regents will be guarded up with some technologies and gadgets, including weapons. With the help of his allies and foes, he undercovers the reality affecting world-shattering ramifications.

IGI Origins Gameplay

Today’s generation shooter games including COD and other battlefield games are inspired by IGI. So you might be guessing how will be the gameplay of IGI. Here’s everything you must know about the gameplay.

You can have a look at IGI: Origin game teaser trailer given below:

You can play the game by choosing a male or female M16 agent named “Regent”. Traveling around the world doing thriller things like penetrating bases and taking out enemy troops.

The main character is focused on the missions due to the terrific moments that happened with him in the past. And also, stop the nuclear annihilation.

IGI Origins Release Date

IGI: Origin was announced by the publisher Trodman Interactive in 2019, and they mentioned that it will release in 2021. However, the release date is not revealed yet. So we’ve to keep waiting till then. The game will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC expectedly.

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