How to Use the Compass on Apple Watch

A compass can be a lifesaver if you’ve lost the direction in unknown places like a forest, desert, or even helpful if you want to know the direction. If you’ve Apple Watch Series 5 and later, and even Apple Watch SE, then a compass is already built-in on those smart devices.

It’s always great to know functions or a few things or two. While traveling compass can show you the directions and then you can easily negotiate the map to explore unknown places.

Here’s everything you must know about Apple Watch Compass and how to use it.

How to Use the Compass on Apple Watch

We’ve successfully managed to provide a simple guide that will help you to know about how to use the Apple Watch compass. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Somethings you need to know

You might know the non-digital compass can react to magnetic fields. As a result compass needlepoint in irregular and wrong direction. The same thing that happens with the digital compass and compass sensor on Apple Watch is no conception.

Few things like Apple’s Leather Link, Leather Loop, Milanese Loop, and earlier Sport Loop watch bands possess magnetic properties because they’ve small magnets present inside. This can disturb the Apple Watch compass.

NOTE: New Sport Loop bands which made in September 2019 or later, and any other version of sports band is unaffected on the iWatch compass.

How to Use the Compass on Apple Watch

Here’s how you can use the compass on Apple Watch:

  • Visit the compass app on your Apple Watch.
  • The pointer present on top will show the direction, and the bearing will display on the top-left corner.
  • Magnetic north is by default set, open the Settings app on the watch > Tap on the compass.
  • Turn on Use True North.
  • Hold the watch flat, so that it can show the right and exact direction.
  • The red arrow will show you the accuracy of the heading.
  • A narrow cone will indicate correct accuracy than a wider cone.
  • To see the elevation, incline, and coordinates, just rotate the Digital Crown up.
  • To set your bearing scroll down > tap on Add bearing > then access the Digital Crown to make adjustments.

How to Allow Compass to access My Location?

It’s way easy than you think when you open the compass for the first time. The compass app will ask to know your location.

Here’s how you do that:

  • Visit the Settings app on Apple Watch.
  • Go to Privacy > Location Service > Compass.
  • Tap While Using the App

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