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How to Play Call of Duty Warzone Night Mode

Call of Duty: Warzone can be considered the best battle royale game in 2020. COD: Warzone is available on multiple platforms including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. However, recently, there were many different types of bugs, and errors were giving attendance one by one and there is no end to it why? Because the game brings issues and problems with each update. But its ok COD franchisee successfully stands still.

Some players are looking to play COD: Warzone night mode. However, the new night mode is darker and creepy at the same time on the Verdansk map. The map describes on the official site like “a ventriloquist doll appears frequently on televisions tuned to missing channels, and the poltergeist of a murderer with a chainsaw can be seen and heard across Krovnik Farmland. Others claim that the siding near the train station is still in use by a ghost train, a ship filled with the souls of those who lost their lives fighting in the Gulag … “.

Anyways, here’s how you can play Call of Duty Warzone Night Mode. Follow the explanatory guide provided below. Without further ado, let’s get started.

How to Play Call of Duty Warzone Night Mode

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How to Play Call of Duty Warzone Night Mode

This is much easy than you think, to play COD: Warzone night mode with your friends:

  • Visit COD: Warzone lobby menu
  • Look for the BR Trick or Trick Trios mode which is actually night mode

Now, you can play COD: Warzone night mode, make sure you win!

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