How to display Battery Indicator on Galaxy S10 Camera hole

The Samsung Galaxy S10 series front camera cutout has been quite popular and unique for the users till now. While we’ve talked earlier about the cool wallpapers for Galaxy S10 camera cutout, here is a time to mention about the battery indicator. Now, the Galaxy S10 series users easily enable the battery indicator to give a new look to the camera cutout. Here is the step-by-step guide on how to display battery indicators on the Galaxy S10 camera hole.

Samsung has already released some of the Galaxy S10 Stock Wallpapers out-of-the-box which are quite beautiful and crafted to hide the camera cutout easily. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S10+ device has a dual selfie camera cutout and the company has provided some lighting effects on the cutout while changing the apps or tasks. That looks cool and stunning as well.

Steps to display Battery Indicator on Galaxy S10 Camera hole

But if you’re an avid Galaxy S10 user and want to do some more tricks to amaze your friends and family by turn on the battery indicator on the punch-hole camera. Here is the method to do that:

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The Energy Ring app is exclusively available for Galaxy S10 and S10e model. It adds a customizable Energy Ring around the camera lens cutout which indicates the current battery level. It deeply integrated with the system permissions and allow you to set the battery information and phone’s theme accent color as well.

Download and Install Energy Ring App

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  1. Install the app directly from your Galaxy S10 or S10e device via Google Play Store link given above.
  2. Launch the app and give all the app permissions which are required to run it perfectly on your handset.
  3. Tap on the next buttons to complete the setup process and the colored battery indicator ring will appear around the camera cutout automatically.
  4. Now, you need to customize the energy ring-like colors, activities, ring direction, ring width, etc.
  5. You can also enable the Bar Visibility option (Auto-hide on full-screen apps).
  6. That’s it. Now, the Energy Ring Battery Indicator setup completed and you’re good to go.

Please Note: This app is running on the beta version currently and may have some bugs or stability issues. The app may crash sometimes during the changes in battery ring adjustments like thickness or full-screen visibility. So, you have to wait for the stable release if you want more reliable features.

Energy Ring – Battery indicator for Galaxy S10/e Features:

  • The Ring will show full 360 degrees after a full charge.
  • Configurable width of the ring easily.
  • It puts almost 0% load on CPU and when it wakes up, it only refreshes the battery level quickly and goes again in sleep mode.
  • The Energy Ring direction can be configured according to your preference like clockwise/anti-clockwise/bidirectional.

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  • Can hide on fullscreen content view like apps/videos/images/games.
  • Can change colors automatically depending on the actual battery level like green > yellow > red for better visibility of battery juice percentage.
  • It offers a few cool animations while your device plugged into a charger or data syncing.
  • Energy Ring could have a mono-color or multiple-color platform or any gradient color (pro feature).

The Energy Ring app works fine mostly and goes on deep sleep mode when the user turns off the screen. That means the app doesn’t change the battery info when the screen is off. That’s a very good feature in terms of battery saving.

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