How to Clear Cache on Android Phone and What are the Advantages

Our mobile phone storage seems quite huge at the time of starting for use, but within a few months, we can understand that it will be filled up quickly. The database, junk files, and other files of the Android system including installed apps create new files on a regular basis. These files store the user information such as activities, preferences etc. These temporary data files are also known as Cache files, which can easily fill up huge storage on your Android phone. Here we will talk about How to Clear Cache on Android Phone easily and what are the advantages of clearing the cache.

Requirements of Cache Files

Your Android system and applications create and use the temporary data files which stores in the cache files to load more quickly. For example, WhatsApp caches all of your data on your device internal storage. So that the chats and other external files will load quickly each time you open them.

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The Cache files include database, activity history, preferences, recommends etc. It only useful to the associated program to store temporary information to the local. It offers you quicker browsing and accessing experience. The websites, browsers, apps do have a limited expiry time. Whenever the cache files of a certain program expire, the cache files automatically removes. The cache files run in the background always, still won’t affect your usage that much.

Steps to Clear Cache on Android

The newer versions of Android devices offer you to clear the cache files individually. Most of the cases, factory Reset or clearing the system cache from Recovery can fix the performance issues. Similarly, some of the apps can work smoothly than earlier after clearing the cache from the app settings individually.

How to Clear Cache on Android Phone and What are the Advantages

You can use the following steps to clear cache on Android device individually:

  1. Go to the Device Settings and select Storage option.
  2. Now you can see your device Internal Shared Storage and external storage (if any) stat.
  3. Tap on the internal storage bar and you will see a detailed dashboard of all the files including used storage.
  4. Scroll down slightly and you will see Other Apps option, tap on it.
  5. Choose an application which one you want to clear cache or noticed any issue.
  6. However, you can also choose Sort by size option from the three-dot menu (upper right corner) to see which apps are taking extra space.
  7. Tap on the app bar individually and you will see app’s info page where Clear Cache option will be available.
  8. Just tap on Clear Cache option and you’re done!

[alert type=”warning” icon-size=”big”]Please Note: You only need to clear the cache from the app storage info. Don’t Clear Data or Clear Storage accidentally. It will remove all the data of the app and you will have to set up everything from the beginning.[/alert]

Advantages of Clearing Cache

The Cache files are an important part of your daily activities. You should not clear cache without any benefit. However, clearing the cache files sometimes comes in handy to improve the device or app performance. Currently, so many Android smartphone companies providing Cache Cleaner or Security App by default. Such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Huawei, Honor etc. Whereas, the stock Android devices don’t come with any unnecessary bloatware.

Some of the following advantages of clearing cache:

  • For the limited period of time, clearing the cache files can increase your Android smartphone or apps performance slightly better than before.
  • It can save an amount of data of your device storage by clearing temporary files, app data, junk files and more.
  • The older cache files sometimes can create some issues with the privacy or security vulnerabilities. Mostly the websites or web browsers created and stored cached files which may contain any sensitive information of the user. So, it’s better to delete cache files within a few weeks or a month.
  • Sometimes possibly, the browsers or other apps may prevent to get the latest data. By clearing the cache, you can force them to fetch the latest data automatically.

Third-Party Cache Cleaner Apps for Android

There are plenty of cache cleaner apps on the Google Play Store which claims to be the best cache cleaner. While some of them claim to delete unused data, photos, and videos, duplicate files and more to free up some space. There are some issues with these applications as well.

  • Most of the apps offer a lot of optimizations, features, and settings to free up space and RAM. But they aren’t very useful and aggressive in terms of deep optimization.
  • The apps can take more space on your device and can even slow down your phone performance.
  • It only happens due to consistently clearing the cache files in the background without any notification.
  • Most of the apps offer a free version but with limited access and load full of ads (provides in-app purchases). Which can be annoying for most of the users.

However, we have listed a few well-known and widely used Cache Cleaner apps which are available on Play Store. If you really need to use a cache cleaning app, you can directly install them from given links.

[appbox googleplay com.cleanmaster.mguard]

[appbox googleplay]

[appbox googleplay com.piriform.ccleaner]

[appbox googleplay cache.optimize.cleancache.clearcache.cachecleaner.clean.clear.boost.booster.junk]

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