How to Capture Screenshot on the Xiaomi Mi 9 Device [3 Steps]

Here in this guide, we will provide you the top three steps to capture a screenshot on the Xiaomi Mi 9 device easily. Taking a screenshot is now a very useful and handy feature for all of us. Thanks to the Android developers and smartphone OEMs to make it possible to edit/delete/share the screenshot instantly via a preview image.

It’s quite necessary to take the screenshots whether you’re a gamer, streamer, developer, beta tester, or a normal user. Now, all of the Android devices do come with this native feature. Meanwhile, some of the Custom Skinned smartphone OEMs offer extra options or shortcut tools to take a screenshot quite easily and effectively.

Steps to Capture Screenshot on the Xiaomi Mi 9:

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Step 1: Device Buttons [Easy and Recommended]

This is the most commonly and widely used by most of the Android device users. This is a quite traditional way and a full-proof method to take a screenshot on any of the Android devices easily. Now, you may ask why the full-proof method… That’s only because, during the unresponsiveness of your device screen, the physical buttons always come in handy whether it may be power on/off or taking a screenshot.

  • Go to the desired page or place on your Mi 9 phone which you want to capture.
  • Press and hold the Volume Down and Power button altogether for a few seconds and it’ll capture a screenshot of that whole screen easily.
  • Now, the preview image of your screenshot will appear at the top corner of your device screen for a few seconds. That means you’ve successfully taken a screenshot. [By tapping on that preview, you will open the screenshot and can edit/delete/share simply, no need to go to the gallery app]

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Step 2: Screenshot Shortcut

Thanks to the Xiaomi for offering the Screenshot Shortcut option in the Notification Panel Quick Settings toggle. This really helps the users most of the time when users are quite busy or can’t press the hardware buttons by two hands (mostly). This shortcut will definitely save time and effort without any lag or worry.

  • Open the Quick Settings menu toggle from the notification panel.
  • Tap on the Screenshot icon. [This will take a screenshot instantly]
  • A preview image of your screenshot will appear at the top corner of the display for a few seconds. As usual, you can open the screenshot directly from the preview and can edit/delete/share instantly.

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Step 3: Swipe Gesture Shortcut

  • In order to enable the shortcut, go to device Settings > Button and Gesture Shortcuts > Take a Screenshot.
  • Turn it on to get a benefit of a three-finger swipe gesture shortcut to capture a screenshot. [You need to swipe your three fingers on the display from top to bottom, like ↓]

That’s it. Now, you can simply use any of them at any time on your Xiaomi Mi 9 phone to take a screenshot quickly.

We hope you found this article useful and feel free to ask any queries in the comments below.

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