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How to get Poltergeist skill in COD Mobile

The Battle Royale game of Call of Duty for PC is so advance but what about the Mobile version? Surely it is amazing because of the latest updates and new content to digest going into Season 6. The Activision team has added brand new Rust & Saloon map, new modes, and a new class called the Poltergeist. Sounds amazing? Yes, it does but unfortunately, many Call of Duty: Mobile players still don’t know how to unlock or get Poltergeist skill in COD Mobile.

To be very specific, in this article we’ve managed to guide you on how to unlock this new skill in the Battle Royale game of Call of Duty Mobile so that you can kick your opponent hard.

The new Battle Royale class called Poltergeist received so much attention from the players in a short span of time, it has the ability to go invisible. This Battle Royal class will give you the drop on an unsuspecting opponent with deadly experience.

How to get Unlock Poltergeist skill in COD Mobile

To get Poltergeist skill, you have to complete the “Poltergeist Challenge”. So, follow the below objectives which will help you to complete the challenge:

  1. First of all, you have to kill at least 15 enemies in the Battle Royale game.
  2. Slide 40 meters in Battle Royale.
  3. Play at least 5 Battle Royale matches.
  4. You have to travel 300 meters with any vehicle in the gameplay.
  5. Survive for 20 minutes at least in Battle Royale.
  6. Finish in the top 15 Battle Royale (Twice) at least.
  7. Use class skill 4 times in the match.

After completing the above challenges, you just have to simply claim task points to unlock Poltergeist in Battle Royale Class.

Claim task points to Poltergeist Skill in COD mobile

  1. Just launch Call of Duty: Mobile.
  2. Go to the Main menu -> Tap on “Event”.
  3. Choose the “FEATURED” event.
  4. Claim the point under the TASK section.

In this simple way, you can go invisible and surprise your opponents by unlocking Poltergeist skill to fight back harder if in case, you can’t survive against your opponents normally.

That’s it, for now, guys. Let us know how is your gaming experience after unlocking Poltergeist skill. For further queries or info, feel free to comment below. Cheers!

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