How to Fix Nintendo Switch isn’t Booting at all

If your Nintendo Switch is refusing to turn on, don’t get panic. More than software errors, hardware errors can also be caused by a lot of things whether you’re responsible for it or not. This happens if you neglect, overuse or even physical damage result in the Nintendo Switch isn’t booting at all.

In this article, we’ve managed to provide you few solutions before you consider your Nintendo Switch requires a repair or it’s completely dead or won’t gonna work anymore. So, let’s have a quick look below.

How to Fix Nintendo Switch isn’t Booting at all

Check the following solutions to fix your Nintendo Switch console if it’s not turning on. There are two most common issues and fixes mentioned below that should work for all the console users. However, you can try some other mentioned ways to turn on your Switch.

How to Fix Nintendo Switch isn't Booting at all

Power Cycle the Adapter

There may be physical damage to the adapter which is why Nintendo Switch isn’t working. Check your USB to see if it has some loose connections, or check the cable and housing to see for any signs of deterioration.

This indicates that your Power adapter is broken and needs replacing. Your Nintendo Switch maybe isn’t charging properly, this may not be an issue with the console itself, but if no power is getting to the Switch it won’t work.

Your Power adapter may need reset, unplug it from both of your Switch and socket reset at least for 30-40 seconds when its done try to charge your console.

Make sure you are using the official Nintendo Switch Power adapter, the third-party charger may seem to work, but isn’t guarantee to charge efficiently.

Hard-Reset Fix

It happens when you don’t use Nintendo Switch for an extended period. Hard-Reset forces the console to shut down and restart.

Just hold down the POWER BUTTON for at least 12-15 seconds, after press POWER BUTTON to turn it on again.

Doing this thing if Nintendo Switch is turn on your Switch may display one of these following screens.

1. If battery Entrance Screen displayed:

If this screen displays simply just plug Nintendo Switch for at least 20-30 minutes before you use it. Once the console has started up. Make sure that Nintendo System updates are all up-to-date.

2. If Entrance Screen is displayed:

If your entrance screen displays a HOME BUTTON along with indicator icons, then congratulations. Your console is fine, make sure your console is charged enough.

3. Blank and no Battery indicator is displayed:

Then just try another hard-reset. Hold POWER BUTTON for 12 seconds, if this fails, the console may be fully discharged. Try to charge it if it still fails to try another Switch adapter.

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If Nothing is Working at all

If nothing works whatsoever solutions are mentioned above, then it may be time to consult customer support. You can call or e-mail to the Nintendo support team and they will help you to have step by step on how to send hardware repairs.

Nintendo also offers warranties in case of any internal issues or manufacturing defects. If your console is under the warranty period, get the repair done for free.

We recommend that you must repair your Nintendo Switch from third party repair Switch. This will void your warranty, also Nintendo will refuse even paid service if they found that your console has been previously repaired at a third-party shop.

For further queries or info, feel free to comment below. Cheers!

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