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How to Fix Genshin Impact Crashing After Epilepsy Warning

Genshin Impact is getting recognization by leaps and bounds, shocking consequence happened that the game crossed 17 million+ download in just 4 days since its release. Great storyline, unique characters, and fantastic animation caught the eyes of gamers. Looking at the drastic increase in in-game download and holding players on the server make a little harsh to manage the game server. In this article, a simple guide is provided to fix Genshin Impact Crashing After Epilepsy Warning issue.

Yes! You heard it right. A copious amount of players reporting that Genshin Impact crashes after epilepsy warning. Sounds complicated to fix but it’s not if you’re victimized with the same consequence. Here’s how can fix that. Follow the guide till the end to resolve the issue, let’s get started.

How to Fix Genshin Impact Crashing After Epilepsy Warning

Fix Genshin Impact Crashing After Epilepsy Warning

There are a few methods given below, try each to eliminate the issue.

Method 1:

Note: Registry editing might be threatening, follow these steps at your own peril!

  • Download the zip file on your PC. (click here to download)
  • Now, extract the downloaded file
  • Double click on “genshin crashfix.reg” file
  • Select Yes

Method 2:

It’s time to reinstall the Genshin Impact from the scratch. Uninstall the game completely, and install it. This will resolve the issue completely, also try to download the game without a launcher, the direct download from the server is fast. Click Here, to download the game directly from the server.

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