How to Fix Epic Games Store Free Games Not Working

The Epic Game Store is the easiest storefront for games across the platform on Microsoft Windows and macOS. Both web and application allow players to purchase games. Players get wild when they find that Epic Game Store is providing games for free. Yes, there is a time limit to get free though, but still, it’s an amazing game store.

Most of the pro players hunt for the free games, when they won’t find one it annoys them. Reports arrived that there’s an issue going on, free games available on the Epic Games Store are not working. Finding free games is irritating especially when there is a time limit. And imagine once you’ve found the game but it’s not working, it’s super irritating. If you’re victimized in this situation, this article is for you.

We’ve successfully managed to provide useful details and workarounds that will fix Epic Games Store Free Games Not Working issue. So without wasting much of your time, let’s get started.

Why Free games of the Epic Games Store not Working?

When tremendous numbers of people use the same site like Epic Game Store at once, the site gets slower or in the worst-case scenario, it might get crashed. This generally happens when the Epic Game Store announces any free games, and players are trying to grab it.

However, this not new, it happened already much time in the past. Hope we expect to see an upgrade in the store to eliminate this issue.

How to Fix Epic Games Store Free Games Not Working?

You are unable to grab free games on Epic Store? Here’s how you can do a few things:

  • When you’re unable to get free games, just exit the Epic Game Store and try again. If there a time limit for the game, keep trying until it works.
  • If Epic Game Store’s server is down due to heavy traffic, try it after a couple of hours. You can try again when the server is good.
  • If nothing is working, try again tomorrow. Just leave it a day.

Hope you will grab your free games on Epic Store soon. Happy gaming!

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