Fix COD Black Ops Cold War Boy 986 Extreme Crossbones Error

Fix COD Black Ops Cold War Boy 986 Extreme Crossbones Error

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has wild gameplay, the developer Treyarch has given tremendous efforts to create the game. Also, it is based on true historical storyline rivalry between Unites States and USSR lead to World War III. The game is available on platforms across PS4, Xbox One, PC, including the next-generation console. A number of players are reporting that they’re encountering the COD Black Ops Cold War Boy 986 Extreme Crossbones Error.

If you’re also one of the victims and looking to fix the issue by yourself, you’re on the right post. We’ve managed to provide you a simple guide that will help you fix the COD: Black Ops Cold War Boy 986 Extreme Crossbones error. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Fix COD Black Ops Cold War Boy 986 Extreme Crossbones Error

What is the Boy 986 Extreme Crossbones Error?

Keep in mind that you’re the only one who’s facing the error. COD: Black Ops Cold War Boy 986 extreme crossbones error occurs when you try to play tag der Toten in custom mutations on Xbox One. Not only this there is another error related to the music box when you try to obtain it. The annoying message will pop up. As a result, it will keep you away from playing the game. So it is recommended to head back to the exit screen.

Unfortunately, there’s no official fix available to fix Boy 986 Extreme Crossbones error in COD: BOCW. But don’t worry there’s a couple of workaround and solution we managed to provide you. So stick to the end and follow the guide.

How to Fix COD: Black Ops Cold War Boy 986 Extreme Crossbones Error

There could be many reasons behind the interruption. It could happen when the firmware of your console is not updated to the latest version. Additionally, check that game is updated to the latest version. Here’s how you update the firmware of the console:

  • Press the Start button on the controller of Xbox > Settings > Visit console information to check updates.

If the game is available in Disc format then clean the disc carefully to remove the dust and impurities.

Also, make sure that Xbox is not heated up, or issues with the power supply. Wiping out the Xbox One cache is the best thing you can do. Here’s how you do that:

  • Turn off Xbox one > Disconnect the power cable from the power supply > Reconnect the console and turn it on after 30-40 seconds.
  • This will wipe out the console cache.

Another thing you can do is delete the game data. However, it will wipe your progress too. So make sure you create a backup and keep it in a safe place. Here’s how you do that:

  • Visit Xbox home page > Settings > System > Storage > Manage storage < Veiw content > select the game > visit Main menu > Manage game >  Saved data > locate the game and delete the saved files through options menu.

That’s it for now. You can comment below for your further queries or your experiences. Till then stay tuned for more info. You can also follow us on Google News or the Telegram group below for real-time notifications whenever Gadget Headline publishes any post.

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