How to Fix Apex Legends Error Code CE-108255-1 on PS5

When you play Apex Legends on PlayStation 5, the well-known error code CE-108255-1 appears. This error could be due to the poor optimization of the game. Not only this, there are some stuttering and lagging errors of the game on the PlayStation 5 console. Here’s we’ve provided useful details on how you can resolve the error.

However, there’s no specific official fix is provided, and neither do we know the actual cause of the error. No doubt that the game is amazing and fascinating in its own way, but first we need to eliminate the error. just follow the guide till the end and we’ll show you how it’s done.

How to Fix Apex Legends Error Code CE-108255-1 on PS5

How to Fix Apex Legends Error Code CE-108255-1 on PS5

As mentioned above, the cause of the error code CE-108255-1 is still unknown but we suspect that it’s due to poor optimization of the game. The good thing is that we know how to fix the error. Follow the steps given below:

  1. Reinstall the game from the scratch, uninstall Apex Legends completely, and install it again on your console.
  2. Run the console in safe mode. To do that, press the power button to power off the console > Hold the power button again until the second beep sounds > then connect the controller.
  3. Once done, rebuild the database

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What If Nothing Works?

If the solution mentioned above don’t work out for you, then do the workaround mentioned below.

  • Reset the PlayStation 5
  • Visit Settings
  • Visit System
  • System Software
  • Reset PlayStation 5
  • Now, try to reinstall the game

Note: Don’t forget to take a backup of the game progress you’ve made.

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