Download Magisk zip and Magisk Manager [All Versions]

Here in this article, we have shared the list of links to Download Magisk zip and Magisk Manager [All Versions]. The world of Android is full of customizations and tweaks. Due to its open-source nature, most of the interested Android users or advanced users or developers perform endless customizations.

Therefore, users have to unlock the device bootloader first and then install the TWRP Recovery as well in order to flash the root file. However, either you can install SuperSU file or Magisk file to root your Android device easily. But first of all, you should understand about rooting, its features, and flaws.

The smartphone OEM’s don’t offer unlocked bootloader or root access on its devices out-of-the-box due to security reasons. Users can do all these tweaks and customizations according to their needs.

Therefore, you can install root on your Android smartphone or tablet device easily. But before that, let’s take a look at the rooting details and download links below.

Smartphone Rooting

Most of us want to use other Custom ROMs that are available in the market for our specific device model. Additionally, there are plenty of mod files, custom recovery files, etc available that we can use on our devices.

In order to do that we need to unlock our device bootloader and sometimes Rooting also. Rooting is the process to allow the Android device user to take control of default Android Settings.

It gives you the superuser or administrator access over Android System and Subsystem. So, you can do all the customizations like change UI look, change rooted settings, install Xposed modules, lock screen customizations, and more. This gives you more power than the normal one.

Benefits of Rooting Your Device:

  • Capable of installing compatible Custom ROMs easily.
  • Can change/add/edit/delete system root directory files and apps.
  • Allows you to flash modded (.zip) files.
  • Can install MODs, Kernel Source, Xposed Framework, Xposed Module, etc.
  • It allows you to uninstall system apps and games which are preloaded (Bloatware).
  • Can tweak settings with interface and accessibility (Notification bar, Status bar, Lock Screen, Navigation keys/menus, camera modes, graphics DPI settings, etc.)

What is Magisk?

‘Magisk’ is a popular and widely-used rooting process that has been developed by a developer called topjohnwu. It basically allows a user to root their devices systemless-ly without modifying the core software.

It can also be considered as a potential replacement for SuperSU, developed by Chainfire.

Magisk can hide modifications from almost any system integrity verifications that are used in banking apps, corporation monitoring apps, game cheat detections, etc. It also supports Google’s SafetyNet API feature.

Therefore, the latest security enhancements and Android versions can’t detect the rooted device and work like a charm.

Advantages of Magisk

Before you proceed, make sure to follow all the advantages of Magisk mentioned below. So that you can fully use the Magisk after rooting your device.

  • Modify or edit the software without affecting the system-vendor partitions.
  • Root any Android device easily (systemless-ly).
  • You can hide Magisk as well (with Magisk v20.1).
  • Manage root permissions over system and subsystem apps easily.
  • Use the fingerprint scanner to allow superuser requests as well.
  • Bypass Google’s SafetyNet feature even after your phone is rooted.
  • Use any banking and security-related applications on rooted devices smoothly.
  • Remove kernel options like DM-Verity and ForceEncrypt easily.
  • Add third-party features by installing Magisk Modules.
  • Receive software OTA updates on your rooted Android device.

Download Magisk Zip and Magisk Manager [All Versions]

Older Versions:

We hope this article is useful to you and you have downloaded the latest or any specific version Magisk zip and Magisk Manager app on your device. Feel free to ask in the comments below.

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