Download and Use RDA Product Line Tool (2020 – All Versions)

Download and Use RDA Product Line Tool (2020 - All Versions)

RDA Product Line Tool is an application tool for the Windows operating system that’s created and distributed by Coolsand Technologies (Beijing) Inc. The tool allows you to flash or install the .lod Firmware (Flash File) on RDA or Coolsand Chipset-powered devices. In this article, you will be able to download the Product Line Tool with all versions including the flashing guide as well.

The product Line Tool is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows OS, Windows XP to Windows 10 (32 bit & 64 bit). It’s a portable app that doesn’t require to install on the PC/Laptop. Additionally, the tool only supports Coolsand or RDA chipset devices. It supports the .lod firmware file and most importantly, it’s easy to use with a simple interface.

RDA Product Line Tool Features

Here we’ve provided a couple of useful features of this tool you users should know before using it.

Download and Use RDA Product Line Tool (2020 - All Versions)

1. Support RDA or Coolsand Devices:

Product Line Tool can easily detect the connected RDA or Coolsand Devices which can easily get ready to flash or install the Firmware on the Device, once you have installed the correct RDA Drivers on the Computer. The tool support RDA or Coolsand chipset devices only.

2. Support .lod Format:

Product Line Tool supports flashing or installing the .lod stock firmware on the device powered by RDA or Coolsand Chipset. You can easily find the .lod file in the Stock Firmware of your RDA or Coolsand Device released by the company.

3. Portable Application:

Product Line Tool comes with a portable application, it means you don’t have to install the application on the computer. Just download and extract the tool on your computer and open the download USB_english.exe file to launch the application.

4. Flash Firmware:

Product Line Tool helps you to flash or install the Stock Firmware (ROM) on the RDA or Coolsand Devices. All you need to have the correct firmware (ROM) of your RDA or Coolsand Device > Install the RDA Driver > Launch the Tool > Click on the Setup button > Click on Download Menu > Click on the Browse button > Locate the .lod file from firmware folder > Click on Start All to begin Flashing process.

Download RDA Product Line Tool (2020 – All Versions)

Steps to Use RDA Product Line Tool (Flash .lod ROM)

After downloading the Product Line Tool, there are simple steps you need to follow. The following steps will guide you on how to use the Product Line Tool:

  1. Download and install the RDA USB Driver on the computer. (Skip this step if its already installed)
  2. Download Stock Firmware (.lod based) of your RDA or Coolsand Device. You can download the Stock Firmware from browsing online. (Skip this if it already downloaded the Stock Firmware)
  3. Extract the zip file on your computer.
  4. Open the download.exe file to launch the tool.
  5. Once the Product Line Tool is launched, just click on the Setup button.
  6. Now, Click on the Download menu.
  7. Click on the Browse button, and locate the .lod firmware on the computer and click on the open button and click on OK.
  8. Now, connect your Mobile device to the computer. You may need to press the boot key to get the device detected by the computer. (Make sure the device is Powered Off)
  9. Once your device is detected by the computer, click on Start All button to begin the flashing process.
  10. The flashing process may take a while to complete. So, have some patience.
  11. As soon as the installation process is completed, you will get the Finish message on the tool.
  12. Finally, close the utility tool and disconnect your device from the computer.
  13. Restart your handset.
  14. Enjoy!

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Now, we can assume that you know how to flash your RDA or Coolsand device firmware in easy steps. Do you have any queries? Comment below. Cheers!

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